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The houseplant begonia , both decorative and flowering and decorative and deciduous, will amazingly decorate the interior of any room, as well as enliven any flower garden or veranda. An unusual flower – begonia surprises with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. An adult begonia plant can reach a height of three meters. This flower got its name in honor of the governor of Haiti. The origin of begonia is associated with tropical and subtropical America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the island of Madagascar.

Begonia family in the photo

Many plants of the Begonia family are unpretentious, can easily propagate and are well suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Almost all types of begonias have succulent herbaceous stems, on which asymmetric leaves are located. Most often, the flowers are collected in a variety of inflorescences. Throughout the summer, you can observe flowering, and under suitable conditions, begonias will bloom even in autumn and winter. Amateur flower growers will be pleased not only with flowering begonia plants, but also with deciduous ones. A variety of colorful colors and shapes of begonia leaves will enliven and create comfort in any room.

A little about how to care for begonia at home

Begonias are almost unpretentious plants that are resistant to diseases. However, the question of how to grow begonia is very common. The question of how to care for begonia also does not stand aside. The most favorable temperature for growing this flower ranges from 13°C to 22°C. At a constant air humidity of more than 60%. Seasonal plant care for each representative of this beautiful species is different.

Types of begonias

There are decorative-flowering and decorative-deciduous species. All members of the family: herbaceous, bushy and tuberous are at rest from October to February. Begonia flowers require care at home. Best of all, begonias grow and develop in partial shade. In summer, the plant requires abundant watering, and in winter – moderate. It is recommended to water the begonia with warm water. A flower such as begonia care at home requires very careful. It is recommended to transplant it only if necessary. A feature of this exotic plant is reproduction. They reproduce vegetatively, stem and leaf cuttings, rhizomes and seeds. To date, more than a thousand different types of begonias have been bred, and each type is magnificent in its own way.

Three rules for caring for begonias

replant periodically
do not fill with water
feed in time

Ways to grow begonias in different ways

Features of growing begonias of different species differ from each other. There are several different ways. Naturally, how to grow begonia is up to you.

One of the most convenient and productive ways of growing is growing from seeds. Seed germination lasts up to three years. It is best to sow the plant in early January. Early sowing will ensure early flowering. With such sowing, at least twelve hours of daylight should be provided.

  • Before sowing, the soil in the box should be well moistened.
  • Seeds are sown without sprinkling on top (without embedding), and on top they should be covered with thick paper or glass.
  • At temperatures above 22 degrees, the first shoots will appear in about 10-14 days.
  • Young shoots should be watered only after the top layer of the earth has dried, through a fine strainer.

Thanks to this approach , growing begonias will be the most effective. Seedlings need to be gradually hardened to the sun and air. The plant should be dived no earlier than three weeks after the appearance of true leaves, and a flower can be transplanted into separate pots in a month. The flowering of a plant grown from seeds will occur in about six months.

Begonia can also reproduce by tubers. Preparation for this type of breeding begins in the fall. To do this, the tubers are taken out of the ground, cleaned and stored in peat or sand at a temperature of 10 ° C. From February, the plant is planted in pots, watering the plant moderately. When growing begonia, take care of it by creating favorable conditions for the plant.

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