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Perhaps, for every housewife who cannot indifferently pass by beautiful, original flowers in pots, home begonia is one of the most beloved representatives of the plant world. At the same time, the variety of shapes, sizes, color variations of home begonias is amazing.

Although, given that the world knows about a thousand varieties of flowering begonias, one should not be surprised. At the same time, most of the begonias grow in natural conditions. For example, large species richness of begonias is found in the rainforests of South Africa. There, mixed begonias prefer mountain slopes, flat valleys and in the north reach the borders of Mexico.

Birthplace of flowering begonia plants

Begonia is a subtropical plant, and therefore, like all members of the group, royal begonia is very fond of the humid climate of the tropics. Plants surprise with a variety of appearance. From perennial miniature grasses only 3-4 cm high to huge shrubs 3-4 meters high. Begonias are known, which do not have a stem at all, and the leaves grow from a tuber that is hidden underground. There are also such types of rex begonias , the roots and suckers of which allow them to “climb” tall trees. Begonia grows well in bright and diffused light, but it has been noticed that this flower can withstand partial shade without any problems.

How not to make a mistake in choosing a royal begonia or a competent trip to a flower shop

If you decide to buy terry begonia flowers , then you should contact specialized greenhouse stores in which the plants are properly cared for. Do not take flowers that grow in too moist or overdried soil. You should also avoid begonias that are too close to a store window or door.

flower photography

Such home begonias can suffer from drafts. They will not live long and may even die soon, despite the efforts of the hostess. You should not buy flowers if you see that the roots of the plant are growing too much from the holes in the bottom of the pot. Make sure that the appearance of the royal begonia is healthy, the leaves are strong and juicy, with no obvious signs of disease or damage.

The best varieties of begonias:

flowering begonia Rex
terry begonia mix
royal begonia Elatior

What to do to make homemade begonia take root from the first days?

For the first time after the purchase, the hostess needs to be extremely careful. Therefore, if you brought home rex begonia , and you want the plant to please you for at least a year (it is known that begonia has been growing at home for several years), then follow a number of not at all complicated rules:

  • Create all the conditions for the normal growth of the flower. The temperature regime, lighting conditions, humidity should be optimal for the growth of begonia elatior. You need to water the flower at least twice a week. The air should not be heated more than 20 degrees above zero, and the bright rays of the sun should be excluded from spring to autumn. Then you can put the begonia on the windowsill without fear that the leaves will burn from excessive light.
  • For the first time, the flower needs to acclimatize , and therefore avoid all sorts of drafts, try not to move the terry begonia from place to place. Do not overdo it with watering. And if you feel that the air in the room is too dry for a flower, place a container of water next to the pot. So the humidity is normalized, and the begonia mix will feel more comfortable.
  • Winter and autumn are the worst times of the year to buy begonias. During this period, the conditions of detention change too drastically. When moving to a room, it will be difficult for a flower to adapt to a new environment, and it may die. Therefore, April-June is the best time to buy this wonderful plant.

Afterword or why do you need begonias blooming in your home?

Keep in mind that the plant may not take root with you. This may be due to the fact that the begonia suffered a transplant too hard, or the road from the store to your windowsill turned out to be too difficult for her. Begonia can also weaken when the time it has been in the store has been delayed.

In any case, when buying a blooming begonia , be aware that this flower easily distracts from sad thoughts, improves the energy in the room. Experienced housewives are advised to distinguish between plants by color. For example, if you want to keep begonias in the kitchen, buy plants with bright red flowers, begonias with white flowers will look good in the living room, and hanging pots are preferable in the hall. There is a belief that begonia elatior helps to maintain well-being and happiness in the house. And the positive energy that comes from the flower makes the atmosphere in the house positive and light.

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