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Begonia came to us from tropical and subtropical Asia, Africa and America. The plant was named in honor of Michel Begon, the governor of San Domingo, who had an insane passion for flowers. Although it is also believed that the first begonia in the photo appeared in Assam, in the northeast of India. In the UK, it was recognized in the 50s of the last century. And already those plants that were bred in Malaysia and became the ancestors of all types of begonias that we now know.

What does a begonia flower look like?

In total, there are a thousand species of these amazing flowers. Due to the fact that there are many variations in leaf shapes and a variety of colors, evergreen begonia has become very popular with indoor plant lovers. Flowers are also valued for the abundance of flowering. There are also ever-flowering begonias that can be kept indoors for a whole year. Adult tuberous begonia in height grows up to 25-40 cm in width and height. However, there are also specimens that can reach up to one meter in height. They live from about one to three years.

Pale pink begonias

Relatively small begonia flowers , pale pink, they are not of great interest, so they should be cut off. The leaves of the plants are rounded and asymmetrical, with sharp ends. Corrugated and velvety, they amaze with a variety of colors.

Common types of begonia

Begonia ampelous for hanging planters
Begonia ever flowering for window sills and balconies
Begonia tuberous for seasonal cultivation

Proper care of tuberous begonia flowers

Indoor begonia ever-flowering from May to September should be protected from direct sunlight. And in the rest of the period, the plant should be kept in the sun more often. Land for plants must be chosen carefully. A mixture of greenhouse soil, organic fertilizer and river sand will do. Sand is needed in order to provide drainage.

Tuberous begonias should be watered several times a week in summer, and in winter only when the ground is dry a few cm deep. From April, you need to start feeding the plant. To do this, a special fertilizer is diluted in water at a ratio of 1 cap per 10 liters of water. This mixture should be watered until the end of August. It should also be remembered that ampelous begonias lose their attractiveness over time. In order for the begonia to please you with its beauty, you should update it every year with leaf cuttings.

Popular types and flowers of begonia

Among the most common indoor begonias, perhaps, the following types should be distinguished:

  • Coral begonia . The leaves of this begonia flower are large, pointed at the end, elongated-ovate with erect stems. The leaf surface is green with white spots.
  • Sizolistny begonia. This plant branches well, its shoots have a drooping appearance. The leaves are ovate, pointed, slightly wavy at the end, usually reaching 12 cm in length. The surface of the leaf of this type of begonia is green, while its reverse side has a red tint. The blue-green begonia flowers are red, up to 1.5 cm in diameter.
  • Tuberous begonia . Belongs to the group of hybrids. Flowers in diameter can reach up to 9 cm, usually double or simple, red, white and pink. The leaves are pointed, heart-shaped, grow up to 10-15 cm in length.
  • Bright red begonia flowers. Large plant with erect stems. The oblong-ovate leaves are smooth, shiny, mostly green. The flowers are bright red, collected in inflorescences.
  • Begonia Lorrain . These plants with wavy green or dark green rounded leaves form small bushes usually up to 50 cm in height. The flowers are pink, red and white, about 2.5 cm in diameter.

It is known that ampelous begonia is useful for people whose energy is too weak. Helps teachers, writers, journalists, as this plant is supposed to contribute to the birth of new ideas.

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