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Wasps with a bizarre flower shape and chimeras with a unique color of the inflorescence – no matter what types of Uzambara violets the breeders have come up with. White, pale blue, scarlet and saintpaulias of dozens of other shades attract amateurs and professionals of floriculture. While breeders are preparing to introduce violets 2011 – new varieties of plants, let’s focus on watering saintpaulia.

Violets absorb many trace elements from water. And so that the plant does not wither from chlorine, before watering it is necessary to defend tap water in an open container for 2-3 days. In addition, the soil can be moistened:

  • thawed from the refrigerator;
  • rain and snow;
  • fresh from reservoirs (river, lake);
  • well and underground water from a well.

Water from any source should be filtered. This is a guarantee that excess salt, etc., will not get into the soil during irrigation. harmful compounds. An additional measure is boiling. It is especially relevant in the spring, when the water is heavily polluted. Underground water, known for its purity, will help to improve violets and care for them much easier. But for starters, it is better to check its properties on other, more unpretentious plants.

Water will heal the uzambar violets and make them properly cared for.

The time of watering violets depends on the time of the year. In spring and summer, it is better to nourish indoor Saintpaulia violet flowers in the morning, and in the cold period – in the afternoon. Breeders explain this need by the difference in the time of photosynthesis. With artificial lighting, the time of watering is unimportant.

In winter, once a month, you can water violets with weak potassium permanganate. It disinfects plants and removes excess minerals. The soil of 1 flower is washed with 300-500 ml of solution. In this case, the pot is installed on any container into which the liquid flows.

Occasionally (every 2 months) you can wash the earthen lump with water and vinegar. For 3 liters of solution, you need only 1-2 tablespoons of apple or other. vinegar.

What is the violet Uzambara Saintpaulia afraid of?

high soil moisture
drying up of an earthy coma
direct sunlight

Regularity and methods of watering, or how to care for violets 2011

The systematic watering of Saintpaulia is determined by its variety and temperature in the room, the composition of the soil and the size of the flowerpot. When choosing new varieties – violets 2011 – you need to check with the seller how moisture-loving they are. The regularity of moisturizing remains the main thing in the care of Saintpaulias.

There are two options for watering this plant. You can both care for violets from above, and moisten them from below. For the first method, a watering can with a thin, long spout is suitable.

Avoid getting on the leaves and sockets, you need to carefully water the soil at the edge of the pot. The procedure continues until water seeps onto the tray. After half an hour, its excess is poured out. If you leave water in the pan, the earthen coma will begin to souring and the roots will rot. A huge plus of top watering is the leaching of excess salts from the soil.

To moisten the bottom, a flowerpot with indoor flowers with violets (Saintpaulias) is placed a quarter in a container of water. The pot is there until the top layer of soil darkens – an indicator that the flower has been saturated with moisture.

It is better to change the water for each plant, otherwise one diseased Saintpaulia can infect all the others. The lack of moisture from below is the accumulation of salts in the soil, which is why Saintpaulia often withers.

How to save indoor Saintpaulia violet flowers from drying out?

If the Uzambara violet receives proper care , the plant pleases with a healthy look and beautiful flowering. Saintpaulia leaves are elastic, look juicy and evenly colored.

Rare and not abundant moisture slows down the growth of violets. Their flowers become noticeably smaller, and the leaves turn yellow, wither and sag from the edges of the pot. Such a plant is more prone to disease and may die in the cold period.

Then how to care for violetsto save the plants? The pots should be half dipped in warm water (about 25 ° C) and after an hour put in a dark room, covered with polyethylene. After a day, violets will look healthier, and you can return them to their usual place.

Violet disease in the photo

If the drying of the soil led to the death of thin roots, then the Uzumbar violet needs more thorough and long-term care. Thin roots are responsible for absorbing moisture – before new ones are formed, Saintpaulia will slowly grow.

Growing violets and caring for them should not be accompanied by excessive watering. The soil, oversaturated with moisture, does not allow air to the roots of the plant – the violet withers and dies. To prevent this, you need to plant flowers in small flowerpots with drainage.

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