Violet: flower beliefs

Flowers are not only pleasing to the eye. It is believed that each of them, like a sorceress, has his own gift. For example, the money tree and bougainvillea help with finances, anthurium – with personal life, bamboo – with career growth. It is associated with the energy of plants. Violets are not far behind either. This flower gives love and attracts well-being to the family.

“The most important thing is the weather in the house…”

Violet will easily cope with the atmosphere in the house. They say that this plant takes root well and grows in people who are loved. But the flower brought into the house will not tolerate quarrels – it will smooth out family quarrels and help find a compromise. Peace and harmony – all this he attracts. And this modest flower can also affect financial well-being. Hotels in Istanbul near the Aynalı Kavak Pavilion – an old dream? Plant a violet.

Color type

Violets with violet flowers have a particularly strong effect on the homely atmosphere. They say that they clear the space of misunderstanding and rejection. And even if people with different views have to coexist, they will very quickly find mutual understanding. The house will be filled with warmth.

Other types of coloration will also contribute. White will get rid of the blues. Difficult thoughts or suffering will be easier to deal with. Delicate blue color will affect the creative component. So if a person is looking for inspiration, give him such a gift. Red is suitable for those who wish to lose weight. Also, such a flower will save you from worrying about your well-being.

A pot of violet is often placed in the nursery. People believe that this will help improve the health of the child. Or maybe love is the priority? According to popular beliefs, you need to pick a violet flower before sunrise. And very soon a loved one will be found.

There is a belief that violets are the flowers of single women. Today, lovers of these plants unite in communities. And the representative of the club in Kazakhstan refutes the misconception about loneliness. According to her, there are more than a dozen women in the community. All are married and all have children. So it’s just a myth.

But most importantly, it is important to take care of your favorite violets. Hotels in Istanbul near the Ayse Sultan Fountain, of course, will delight you with their comfort and hospitality. But after the trip, you must definitely communicate with the flowers without delay. Gardeners assure: violets become attached to people. And when a person leaves for the weekend, they can become lethargic. And parting for a week or two is experienced with difficulty. Of course, provided that the owner loves his plant. In others, flowers take root with difficulty.

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