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Crassula plant ( Crassula) is a small tree with rounded like coins, fleshy leaves. It is because of the thickness of the leaves that the crassula is often called the fat woman. Since ancient times, these trees have settled on the sunniest window sills.

Some flower growers like the crassula (crassula) for its appearance – a strong sprawling tree. Others are impressed by its absolutely undemanding nature, and many would like to believe that this plant will bring good luck and financial prosperity to the house.

Types of fat women with photos and descriptions

The genus unites about 300 species distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. South Africa is especially rich in them.

Tree Crassula (Crassula arborescens) is a species represented in nature by small trees with a thick trunk. It also has larger sizes in culture, oval bluish leaves with a wax coating, reddening along the edges and from the underside.

p> In the collections of succulent lovers you can find a four-sided fat woman (Crassula tetragona) – a shrub with thin decumbent shoots, densely covered with short subulate fleshy leaves and numerous brown aerial roots.

Also in our photo gallery are photos of the pierced-leaved crassula (Crassula perfoliata) – a low shrub with recumbent shoots, as if piercing the fused, oppositely arranged light green small leaves.

Crassula purslane

In room culture , the most common purslane or silver crassula (Crassula portulaceae, argentea) is an evergreen perennial plant with a tree-like stem (up to 1 m high) and rounded fleshy dark green leaves.

Fat woman in the photo

The fat woman, as seen in the photo, blooms with small white or pinkish flowers, collected at the ends of the shoots in umbrella-shaped inflorescences. Flowering, like many other plants, occurs in the spring.

Caring for a fat woman (crassula) at home

Sunny window sills are best suited for placing a fat woman. In winter, a cool content is desirable (about +8 + 12 ° C) and very rare watering.

When caring for a crassula (crassula) at home, it is necessary to provide moderate watering and fertilizing with fertilizers for cacti.

Plants are transplanted in the spring once every 2-3 years. Containers are best used wide and shallow. You can propagate the fat woman throughout the year with stem and leaf cuttings, which are slightly dried before rooting.

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