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plant type: shrub

Abutilon Description: Generally evergreens no taller than a few feet (about 60 centimeters) and woody at the base. The flowers are bell-shaped and located at the top of the branches.

  • Origin of Abutilon: Brazil.
  • Growing environment: indoor or greenhouse.
  • Leaf ornament: absent.
  • Aroma: absent.
  • Abutilone Care: Careful care is required.
  • Humidity level: moderate.
  • Lighting: Indirect sunlight from the south or west will serve as the best lighting.

Soil type: Best growth requires good potting soil that absorbs water intensely while retaining it. When purchasing soil for the plant, make sure it has adequate aeration and if it seems too dense to you, add peat moss, sand or perlite. If you are going to fertilize the soil, do not do it right away, wait until the plant takes root. You can also choose soil from the following components: ordinary soil from the garden, coarse sand or perlite, peat or humus and lime. There should always be a hole in the pot.

Watering Abutilon: Keep the soil evenly moist, in case rainwater gets into the pot, be careful as it may contain harmful acids. When watering, use warm water.

Fertilizer: Fertilize every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. In winter, soil fertilization is not required. As an alternative, the following option is possible: in early spring, fertilize annually with granular fertilizers.


Harmful insects: there is a tendency to spider mites and mealy worms. When purchasing a plant, always check it for various insects before planting it in a pot or greenhouse.


Abutilon ready for reproduction in the photo

Propagation: Abutilon propagates by cutting the stem or planting seeds in the spring. In any case, propagation is best done in soil mixed with moist peat or perlite. It is also recommended to cover the pot with a plastic film with an elastic band around its perimeter, in order to avoid excessive evaporation of moisture. Place the pot under fluorescent light or indirect sunlight. After the plant sprouts a little, transplant it into the soil of the usual composition.

Care tips and tricks: Abutilon or indoor maple loves fresh air and will thrive with careful care. If you notice that the roots are starting to sprout outside of the pot, this is a sign that it’s time to repot the plant. If possible, place the plant outdoors in partial shade in the summer. This plant is also perfect for hanging baskets.

Bonsai: This type of plant can be used as a bonsai – a miniature indoor maple.

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