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Vase for plant life

Houseplants are one of the sources of oxygen in the room. Through their life cycles, green spaces produce oxygen, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

In order for the processes of production of useful substances into the environment to occur properly, the plant must be provided with space for development and normal life.

The root system of some plants is distinguished by the presence of an extensive number of processes that nourish the entire body. If the conditions are unfavorable for the development and production of oxygen, then the flower may rot or dry out due to a lack of nutrients.

Types of flower pots

There are a huge variety of shapes and sizes of such vases, but they all differ in the material from which the vase is made.

Clay. White, red, yellow and fireclay clay is used, which allows making vessels of different colors. The soft composition, when solidified, can take any shape and design. For greater elasticity of the pot, the clay is doused with heat in the oven, since the vases are not resistant to external factors.

The environmentally friendly material allows the plant to carry out gas exchange through the pores in the clay surface. Cone-shaped pots are made, this allows you to optimally provide moisture to the root system.

Plastic. Durable material that is very resistant to drops. The manufacture of a pot from such a substance is widely used in the manufacture of specific shapes and sizes. However, the composition of the surface can adversely affect the sensitive roots of some plants.

Ceramics. Such vases are used more often together with clay or plastic ones, since ceramics do not allow the plant to breathe. Use is explained by decorative features.


Modern production includes different models and sizes of copies. Thanks to the wide range presented by the site //, you can choose both small and large outdoor flower pots. When choosing a vessel for a plant, the size of the root system and growth rate should be considered. It is best to take larger vases than required, as the flower feels more comfortable in a larger space. Sometimes the body stops growing due to lack of space, so you should choose the type of pot according to your needs. The shape can be square, rectangular, round, cylindrical, with side holes, but the main thing is that the body receives proper and sufficient nutrition, so that the flower pot will become an indispensable product for the home.

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