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Black callas are the colors that you can’t take your eyes off. Mysterious and elegant, they are the embodiment of fantasy. While not black, the maroon and deep purple hues are very similar to flawless black. These plants are rarer than the traditional whites, which may be why they were so much sought after by gardeners and appreciated by couples in love.

  • Kingdom: plants.
  • Type: angiosperms.
  • Class: dicot.
  • Squad: chastuhotsvetnye.
  • Family: Araceae.
  • Genus: calla / santedexia.
  • Origin: South Africa.
  • Height: 40-100 cm.
  • Leaves: long pointed with a waxy texture.
  • Flowering time: early-mid summer.
  • Care: constant watering and fertilizing in early spring, after planting. In addition, the bulbs should be dug out of the ground in autumn, shortly before the first frost.

Types of black callas in the photo

About 30 species are known to exist. In nature, you can find such species:

Black Crusader .

Black Forest (Schwarzwalder) .

Black pearl (Black Pearl) .

Black star (Black Star) .

Captain Palermo .

Captain Prado .

Maroon Sensation .

Naomi Campbell .

Care and cultivation of black callas in the garden

If you want to grow these flowers in your garden, make sure you plant them in a sunny spot first. Since they originate from South Africa, they are used to warm places. Also, they like over watering, so try to remember proper placement and a moist spot with regular, generous watering.

For a contrasting look in your garden, choose a spot for them near a white flower bed. This will give your oasis a mysterious, dark look that your neighbors will definitely love.

Calla care after cutting

To keep cut plants fresh and healthy, you should keep them out of sunlight and place them in a cool place. The water in the vase should not be excessively cool, even slightly warm. Also, if black callas are kept out of water for more than 20 minutes, their stems will close up and will no longer accept any further hydration. To prevent this from happening, cut the stems with a sharp knife under running water.

Black callas in a large photo after cutting.

Black callas are great flowers. They are rare but beautiful, dark but elegant. They are perfect for making big statements as they will grab all the attention instantly. They have a strong energy that combines the meanings of lust and negativity with grace and sophistication.

What do black callas symbolize?

These black flowers are a symbol of mystery and elegance. The silky smooth petals are known for their anonymous meaning. Black calla lilies symbolize negativity and are constantly associated with farewell, whether it be farewell to the dead or to the girl with whom you want to break off relations. It is also associated with a decline in health, which the shape probably reminds of.

Where is the best place to use?

Black callas will always be noticeable, regardless of the shape or color of the nearby flowers. They are stylish, elegant, give character to any interior. A dozen flowers, simply placed in a vase, will immediately add “chic” to the table they sit on.

If you want a great contrast, mix them with white flowers like roses . To soften the velvety black, add pale pink flowers.

In addition, used as decorations on clothes, they look great and add elegance to any outfit, no matter old or new.

Bouquets of black callas

Bouquets can be used on many occasions. Daring brides will be commended for their courage to take such a step, as bridal bouquets are mostly taboo.

A simple bouquet tied with a white silk ribbon is the most suitable solution, but if you really want to mix them with other flowers, then tulips will suit you. White, yellow or purple tulips will look great next to a black flower, which is exactly what is needed!

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