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Plant type: shrub.

Description: Belongs to the Eupomacian family. The family was identified by the English botanist S. Endlicher in 1841. This is an evergreen plant that has flexible shoots similar to griselin shoots. Foliage – brilliant green, leathery, the underside is slightly lighter than the top, has a beautiful silky sheen. The leaves have simple short petioles. The petiole of the Eupomation leaf clearly passes into the medial vein of the leaf, which has a clear ornament. The leaf blade has an elliptical elongated shape. Eupomatia bush sprawling. Height – from fifty to one hundred centimeters.

Care: the plant is unpretentious and does not require special care, the main condition is a moderately warm place. On hot days, spraying is necessary.

  • Growing environment: greenhouse or home conditions.
  • Homeland: Eastern Australia (from the Cape York Peninsula to Eastern Victoria), as well as the east of New Guinea.
  • Flowering: present. Flower color is white.
  • Aroma: absent.
  • Temperature regime: moderate in summer, and not lower than 17°C in winter.
  • Humidity level: moderate.
  • Repotting : Eupomacia laurin needs to be repotted once every two years.
  • Fertilizer: Feed in the spring with a full fertilizer.
  • Propagation: carried out by cuttings.

Lighting: Shrub is best placed under bright diffused light. The best illumination will be full sun, the rays of which come from the East or West.

Evpomation plant in the wild in the photo

Soil Type: It is best to use quality potting soil. The composition should be as follows: 1 part sheet, 1 part sod and humus soil and 1/2 part sand.

Watering: moderate. All year round, the irrigation rate should not change, the most important thing is to prevent the earthen coma from drying out. If you water the flower with rainwater, then be careful, as it may contain harmful acids. For watering, use not cold, but warm water.

Evpomation grows indoors.

Additionally: if desired, you can trim to give the desired shape. If a flower is used to decorate a room, then it can be placed in a group or separately.

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