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plant type: shrub

Description: A medium sized shrub with large heart-shaped leaves that can be splashed or framed in a variety of hues. On the akalifa are hanging earrings with low-contrast red flowers.

  • Homeland Akalifa: New Guinea, India, Polynesia
  • Environment: home conditions or greenhouse are suitable
  • Leaf ornament: present
  • Flowering: present
  • Aroma: absent
  • Care: requires careful care
  • Temperature range: 16-29°C
  • Humidity level: moderate
  • Lighting: preferably full sunlight coming from the south / west / east

Soil type: Best growth requires good potting soil that absorbs water intensely while retaining it. When purchasing soil for akalifa, make sure that it has sufficient aeration and, if it seems too dense to you, add peat moss, perlite or sand. If you are going to fertilize the soil, do not do it right away, wait until the plant takes root. You can also choose soil from the following components: ordinary soil from the garden, coarse sand or perlite, peat or humus and lime. There should always be a hole in the pot.

Watering: The soil should be slightly damp, and if you use rainwater, be careful as it can contain harmful acids.

Fertilizer: Fertilize every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer diluted in half. Alternatively, you can fertilize with granular fertilizer every year in early spring.

Harmful Insects: Akalifa is prone to spider mites, plant aphids, and mealy worms. When purchasing a plant, always check it for all sorts of insects.

Akalifa in the photo in the natural environment

Reproduction: occurs in the spring by cutting off the stem. Reproduction is best done in soil mixed with moist peat or perlite. It is recommended to cover the pot with a plastic film with an elastic band around its perimeter, in order to avoid excessive evaporation of moisture. Place the pot under fluorescent light or indirect sunlight. After the akalifa sprouts a little, transplant it into the soil of the usual composition.

Care tips and tricks: Spray frequently with warm water (lime-free to prevent rusting of the foliage in the form of stains). If the roots have become a little long, cut them back in winter or stick them back into the ground. After flowering, remove dead flowers. If possible, place the Akalifa outdoors in partial shade in the summer.

Toxicity: Some parts of Akalifa can be poisonous to pets.

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