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Each of us undoubtedly wants to have an excellent interior. And how to do it and achieve maximum comfort? The answer is simple, use indoor plants in the interior of the house. In this article, we will consider white flowers, symbolizing spiritual purity, ease and tenderness. At the same time, white flowers symbolize a certain severity and decency of the person who grows them.

You can use white flowers not only in the living room, but also in the office, filling your activities with additional success and tranquility.

Let’s start with the brightest representative – jasmine gardenia.

It is believed that this plant requires special care, but practice proves otherwise. All that is required of you for its flowering is regular sufficient watering and a constant air temperature.

Its flowers resemble roses. The pleasant smell of jasmine, which spreads throughout the room during the flowering period, will also surprise you. The average plant height is 45 cm, but may vary depending on the variety. In winter, it is worth keeping the plant in a cooler room, and in summer – protect it from direct sunlight, protecting it from burns. For watering, try to use softer water. To maintain the desired degree of humidity, it is necessary to spray the leaves daily. As for transplantation, this can be done once every three years. This miracle propagates exclusively by cuttings.

Hoya is a wax ivy with dense variegated leaves.

Since his vine has a length of 4 meters, support is needed to give an attractive shape. Like gardenia, hoya has inflorescences with an attractive aroma. Growing it is quite simple, but it is worth remembering that it requires a high degree of humidity, temperature and a little light. This allows it to be grown away from windows and in hanging baskets.

Spraying the leaves is necessary only when the plant does not bloom. Transplantation is carried out every spring in order to update the substrate. Reproduction is carried out by cuttings.

And most importantly, it is worth noting that hoya leaves no one indifferent, attracting increased interest.

The next representative is balsam – the most affordable representative that does not require special care.

As a rule, balsam is a fairly tall plant, so when it reaches the desired height, it must be pinched. However, there are many varieties that are distinguished by compact size and abundant flowering, so be careful about his choice so that in the future the plant will delight you with its beauty and ease.

Like most indoor plants, balsam requires fairly bright light without direct sunlight, regular abundant watering as the soil dries. Flowering begins only after the pot is filled with roots, so you should not buy too large pots. In addition, the plant is transplanted every spring. It is more expedient not to transplant an old plant, but to plant rooted cuttings taken from it. This ensures a more harmonious development of the plant and abundant flowering.

The beautiful home lily simply amazes with its laid-back grace and style.

Today there are many dwarf species of lilies intended for growing at home. When replanting the bulbs next year, you will get smaller flowers. This should be taken into account when creating combinations. For abundant flowering, the bulbs are planted in the fall and sprinkled with earth for 5 centimeters. Before emergence, pots should be kept in a dark and cool room, keeping the soil moist.

Before flowering, the foliage must be sprayed periodically. This will avoid yellowing of the tips of the foliage and maintain a beautiful view. The rest of the care consists in regular watering and transplanting the bulbs every autumn in order to replace the substrate.

And finally, consider such a wonderful indoor plant as plumeria.

This is a fairly large shrub grown indoors. But it is worth considering that its cultivation will require a lot of space and a tub over 2 meters. Plumeria is ideal for placement in the winter garden.

As you can see in the photo, plumeria has oval leaves and rather large white flowers located at the very ends of the branches.

The flowers have a strong aroma that attracts attention. It needs fairly bright light to grow, but avoid direct sunlight. Watering should be carried out moderately, avoiding drying or waterlogging of the soil. Periodically, the foliage should be sprayed. Transplantation is carried out every two years. Stem cuttings are used for propagation.

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