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Yellow callas are a classic choice for any bride. You can’t go wrong if you choose them as your wedding flower. The range of shades ranges from pale yellow to saturated color.

Yellow callas symbolize majestic beauty. These are the flowers of happiness, bringing light to any space. It is also a religious symbol. They are often associated with the Resurrection of Jesus, due to the shape of the flower, which can be thought of as a trumpet that announces good news.

  • Kingdom: plants.
  • Type: angiosperms.
  • Class: dicot.
  • Family: Araceae.
  • Genus: calla.
  • Squad: chastuhotsvetnye.
  • Origin: South Africa.
  • Height: 0.5-1 meter.
  • Leaves: long arrows of dark green color, pointed or oval heart-shaped.
  • Flowering period: mid-summer.
  • Conditions for good growth: temperature +12…+30 °С, high solar activity.
  • Care: Top dressing should be carried out approximately once every three weeks. The soil must be kept moist at all times; place in the open sun. At the end of the season, let the bulbs dry and store them in a cool place (like a basement) during the winter until next spring.
  • Reproduction: seeds, bulbs , division and cuttings.

All hybrid types of yellow callas in the photo

There are about 30 species in the world, the yellow of which are the following hybrid species:

Black Eyed Beauty .

Black Magic (Black Magic) .

Captain Amigo .

Captain Corona .

Captain Cupid .

Safari Captain (Captain Safari) .

Captain Tendens .

Fire light (Firelight) .

Gold Florex (Florex Gold) .

Golden Chalice .

Lemon drop (Lemon Drop) .

Peach Chiffon (Peach Chiffon) .

Sensation .

Solar flare .

Solfatare (Solfatare) .

Starlight (Starlight) .

Sunrise .

Yellow giant (Yellow Giant) .

Yellow mini (Yellow Mini) .

Yellow callas in the garden: cultivation and care

Grow in a sunny location. Make sure you give them the space they need as they tend to spread quickly – place the holes 30 cm apart and 10 cm deep. Maintain consistent, abundant watering and remember to fertilize the plant every three weeks.

To create an exotic corner in your garden, place the plant in a flower garden near white or pale pink orchids, or next to white roses .

Let your plant rest for a while. When you see that its leaves are drying up, you should let them do it, the period will take a month and a half. After seven months, you can gradually bring it back to life with constant watering.

Remember that cut flowers must be kept in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or any heat.

Areas of use

This is a plant for any occasion. It is considered a classic wedding flower and is often used in this area. Callas are an example of style, an eye-catching object, a gardener’s dream and a florist’s jewelry highlight!

The range of shades of yellow calla is shown in this photo.

Yellow callas come in a variety of shades, from pale pink to deep orange, sometimes almost red. This is a favorable property for the flower industry, as it is possible to form a variety of combinations.

This is a classic choice for weddings as they are timeless. If you want an extravagant wedding, then you should choose to pair with yellow flowers, white or peach roses, or better yet, purple lilies or burgundy orchids. For bright centerpieces, mix yellow callas with purple species and you’ll have an unforgettable wedding day!

Recommendations for the design of bouquets of yellow callas

Long stems in a bouquet look great. It is recommended to use them in bouquets for tall brides. A pleasant sight – a bouquet of a dozen yellow flowers with the addition of bergras, wrapped in silk organza.

Round bouquets are also good, especially if they look rich. They can combine shades of purple, orange and white for a more glamorous look. Looks best with roses and orchids.

Remember, whether it’s a cascading, hand-knitted, long or round bouquet, green decoration is essential, so use greens – these two colors work wonders together!

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