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Plant type: perennial.

Description: Both hardy perennials and annuals are found in this genus. They differ in the flowering period, and annuals usually bloom in mid-summer, and perennials in spring. These are small plants 10 to 20 cm tall. They are great for growing in rock gardens. In addition, they are often used to cover bare earthen areas. The flowers are usually white or pink in color and have a pleasant aroma.

  • Foliage: lanceolate.
  • Origin: Europe.
  • Care: easy.
  • Lighting: full sun, but partial shade is also acceptable.

Soil Type: Woodruff grows well in nutrient rich soils. The soil should be slightly acidic. The pH level should be between 4.5 – 5.5. It is desirable that the soil be enriched with humus. The soil must be well drained. During the planting process, add a small amount of organic fertilizer.

Watering: The soil should be moist, water until the soil is completely moistened. For this plant, watering is very important and it should be plentiful, so you can even water it daily. Never allow woodruff to dry out.

Fertilizers: Apply organic fertilizer to the topsoil in early spring.

Reproduction: carried out by planting seeds or division. If you are going to grow a plant in the garden, then the seeds need to be scattered on the surface of the soil. Annuals should be planted in spring, and perennials in spring or early summer. The distance between plants should be from 7 to 22 cm.

Photo of woodruff plant grown from seeds in containers.

If you are planting seeds indoors, they must be fresh. Plant in a container, wrap them in a plastic bag and refrigerate for two weeks. The first shoots appear within 3-7 weeks. The temperature should be around 10 degrees. You can plant in the garden after the last frost. Annuals are best grown from seed, while perennials are best grown by dividing in spring or fall.

Application: used for decorative purposes. Quite often, woodruff leaves are used for cooking. Leaves must be harvested before flowering. Moreover, the healing properties of the plant are known.

Additionally: if you originally grew flowers indoors and then took them to the garden, then planting depth should be the same as it was in pots. Also, many gardeners recommend mulching the soil when growing woodruffs. For these purposes, it is desirable to use organic compost, the layer thickness should be about 7 cm. Old flower stems and leaves should be cut.

Woodruff – Sweet Woodruff

This flower is especially popular with gardeners and is a small ornamental perennial with white flowers that appear among dark green leaves. Flowering occurs from May to July. This woodruff variety has a fairly vigorous growth habit and is therefore excellent for covering vacant areas of the garden. As a rule, the height of the flower reaches from 15 to 30 cm.

In the wild, odorous woodruff, or, as it is otherwise called, fragrant woodruff, usually grows in wooded areas and grows well in shady places where the sun hits. The seeds are dispersed by the wind and often end up on the fur or feathers of various animals. Flowers have both female and male organs, and they are pollinated by bees and butterflies.

It should be noted that this type of woodruff has a wide application. It is added to tea, as well as fruit salads. In addition, the flower has antiseptic properties and is used to treat external wounds.

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