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With the advent of autumn cold weather, work in the country does not stop. Despite the fact that the entire crop has been harvested and harvested for the winter, gardeners still have a lot of trouble. One of the important tasks is planting plants before winter. An important place for any gardener in the list of necessary “green pets” is occupied by flowering bulbous plants. Some of them are perennial, but there are those that require annual transplantation and rejuvenation. So what flowers are planted before winter in the country? The answer to this question will be of interest to all gardeners.

In order to enjoy the beauty of flowering plants in your garden from early spring until late autumn, they must be planted correctly and in a timely manner before winter. The choice of the plant itself largely depends on the personal preferences of the gardener. So, the most popular and common plants of summer cottages, garden plots and front gardens are the flowers below.

Tulips . These bulbous plants should be planted from mid-September to mid-October.

They do best in bright, draft-free areas. They should not be planted after gladioli, from which some diseases can be transmitted to tulips.

Daffodils . They need to be planted in advance so that the bulbs of daffodils have time to take root before frost, so planting should be done in early September.

When planting daffodils, avoid places where groundwater is too close under the soil. If daffodils get wet, they will eventually die.

Imperial hazel grouse . This is an excellent flower for planting in the garden.

It should be planted in mid-September or early October. Sunny areas of the garden are suitable for these flowers. So that the hazel grouses do not freeze, they need to be covered with dry leaves or straw, which are removed only in the spring after warming.

Muscari . The best time to plant these flowers is mid-September.

It is best to place a flower bed with these flowers in the shade, but with sufficient watering they can live in the sun. Muscari can propagate by self-sowing, but only when sown in the soil immediately after seed collection.

Hyacinths . Great for landing in the winter at clubs and gardens.

They are planted in an open area, where water does not stagnate during the melting of snow in the spring. When planting plants, preference should be given to bulbs of small size without damage.

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