The role of natural flowers and plants in the design of hotels

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The services of modern hotels are in high demand in cities of any country. At the same time, responsible and competent owners strive to create such conditions in the apartments so that guests feel comfortable and want to return to the establishment again and again. To achieve your goals, you have to make every effort and effort.

The network complexes operating in the cities of different states are especially seriously monitoring the interior. Here, they strive to ensure that potential guests can feel positive emotions literally at first sight. In many ways, it is possible to achieve the tasks set when using living plants in the interior. It is they who create comfort and coziness, setting up visitors in a positive way.

Flowers and plants will be relevant, starting literally from the doorstep. So, in the hall and at the reception, both options in pots and compositions from freshly cut representatives of the flora can be present.

Flowers in the rooms

A special approach requires the selection of such names, which will be located directly in the rooms where the guests live. In such a case, there are a number of important nuances that must be remembered.


  • it is not allowed to place large flowers and plants in the apartments (they will “eat up” the living space, as well as annoy the guests, constantly drawing attention to themselves);
  • flowers with a sharp, pronounced smell during flowering are not used in the rooms (not everyone may like the smell, besides, guests may experience allergies);
  • the best option for “temporary dwellings” are not house plants, but freshly cut bouquets of flowers.

Some clients, when choosing hotels, whether it will be a london hotel umi in the UK or a complex operating within our homeland, pay attention to the presence of living plants in the premises. And in this case, we are talking not only about numbers. Appropriate representatives of the flora must be present in restaurants, cafes, gyms, swimming pools and other infrastructure.

It will also be advantageous to single out a particular institution among a large number of similar ones by the numerous greenery present in the landscape design in the territory adjacent to the complex. In this case, the owners of establishments often turn to professionals who create unique and inimitable solutions for help.

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