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The gloxinia plant has a variety of shapes and colors of buds. This makes the gloxinia sinningia flower widespread among amateur flower growers. Some collect huge collections and even breed new varieties. A distinctive characteristic of the gloxinia plant is the presence of a long period of winter dormancy.

Sinningia, often called gloxinia among flower growers, belongs to the same Gesneriev family as the saintpaulias loved by many . Collections created from these flowering plants could compete successfully, but gloxinia have a pronounced dormant period in winter, and larger sizes somewhat limit the possibilities of collectors.

Synnengia description with photo

In the tropical regions of South America, mainly in Brazil, about 20 species of these perennial plants are distributed.

We offer you a description of synnengia and its photo:

In indoor floriculture, hybrids obtained from two main species are used:

Sinningia royal (Sinningia regina) ;

Beautiful Sinningia (Sinningia speciosa) is a perennial herbaceous stemless plant with a tuberous rhizome, thick densely pubescent broad oval leaves, the color of which varies from light green to almost black, and large goblet-bell-shaped flowers.

Varieties differ in the shape of flowers – simple, double and semi-double, tubular, cup-shaped, funnel-shaped, multi-petal, with a simple, frilled or fringed limb of the corolla, drooping or directed upwards, as well as color – white, various shades of red and blue (no yellow and green shades ), various combinations – one-color, two-color, multi-color, with a border, with speckles, with a contrasting spot in the throat.

Gloxinia sinningia: home care

Gloxinia care at home requires specific. Sinningia are best grown on the windowsills of southeast, east or west windows. These are plants with a pronounced dormant period: at the end of summer, after flowering is completed, the leaves begin to dry out and die off, the tubers are stored for 3-4 months in a cool, dry place at a temperature of +1 0 + 15 ° C. In the spring they are planted, not completely buried in acidic soil, and regularly watered with soft water at room temperature (it is better to water it in a pan). Sinningia can not stand even spraying. To maintain air humidity, the pot is placed on a pallet with wet gravel. Feed once a month with diluted fertilizer. Propagated by leaf cuttings or tuber division during transplantation. This is the main care for synningia at home.

Sinningia are wonderful flowering plants for summer home decoration. It is convenient to place them instead of plants “sent on vacation” to the open air.

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