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The spathiphyllum plant has a lot of advantages over other indoor flowers. Firstly, it is considered a kind of talisman that attracts and protects women’s happiness. This is the purpose of spathiphyllum among the people. Quite unpretentious spathiphyllum at home. It does not require any special care for its growth.

Spathiphyllum and his photo

Spathiphyllum is a rhizomatous perennial with a dense rosette of shiny green leaves on long petioles and graceful flowers, similar to anthurium flowers, an inflorescence-cob wrapped in a white leaf “veil”. Outwardly, it is, of course, more modest than the “flamingo flower”, but it is much easier to care for, which is very subtly noticed in the popular name – “women’s happiness”.

Look at the spathiphyllum in the photo:

The genus unites about 45 species distributed in the tropical regions of Central and South America. In room culture, mainly hybrid varieties are grown, which are more hardy and bloom all year round, as well as some species plants.

Spathiphyllum Wallace

Spathiphyllum Wallace (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is an evergreen perennial plant with xiphoid shiny green leaves on long petioles (total length up to 30 cm), collected in a rosette, and characteristic flowers – a white cob inflorescence (about 3 cm), wrapped in a long (about 10 cm ) with a white cover sheet, turning green over time.

Spathiphyllum is one of the most versatile plants. A large flowering specimen is an excellent salt ter, small plants are good in flower groups.

Spathiphyllum profusely flowering

Spathiphyllum profusely flowering (Spathiphyllum floribundum) is a larger species. The leaves are dark green, oval-lanceolate in shape with a wavy edge and a rough or velvety surface. A large inflorescence is located on a high (up to 25-30 cm) erect peduncle.

Among the varieties currently offered, you can choose from large and very small options, with spotted foliage or shade-tolerant varieties.

Spathiphyllum care at home

Caring for spathiphyllum at home is quite simple. For good growth and long-term abundant flowering, it is better to place the spathiphyllum in a warm (in winter about +18 … +20 ° C), well-lit place. Watering is regular, with periodic spraying. During the period of active growth, once a month, fertilizing with complex fertilizers is carried out. Transplanted annually in the spring, slowly increasing the volume of the pot. The container is chosen shallow. Propagated by dividing the bush during transplantation and seeds. Spathiphyllum itself can tell a lot: for example, with a lack of moisture, the leaves droop, with excessive watering they turn black, if there is not enough light for a long time, flowering stops, and brown spots on the leaves indicate salinity of the soil.

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