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Sansevieria home flowers are a common indoor plant among flower growers that has decorative foliage properties. Most often they can be found in public places, offices and shopping centers as a kind of interior decoration. This is not surprising, since caring for sansevieria at home does not require special skills and knowledge.

Description of sansevieria and photo

We offer you a description of sansevieria. It is difficult to name a second plant that combines phenomenal survival, rapid growth, abundance of greenery and external diversity at the same time. And all these advantages are complemented by a wide range of positive effects on indoor air. It is not surprising that a tub with long green leaves or a container with small rosettes of sansevieria is a mandatory attribute of any public place. It is surprising that she was not yet able to take a worthy place in all apartments. Look at the photo of sansevieria from different angles:

photo of sansevieria from the top

photo of sansevieria from the side

The genus unites about 60 species distributed in the tropical regions of Africa, on the Arabian Peninsula and the island of Madagascar. In indoor floriculture, three-lane sansevieria is grown more often than others.

Sansevieria tristripe

Three-lane Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata) – the most common species with an underground creeping rhizome and hard xiphoid leaves that form a basal rosette. The color of the leaves is different shades of green with transverse or longitudinal stripes. In spring, it blooms with small, but very fragrant, greenish-white flowers, collected in a spike-shaped inflorescence on a long straight peduncle.

Sansevieria cylindrical

The original appearance of the cylindrical sansevieria plant (Sansevieria cylindrica) is dark green cylindrical leaves, about 1.5-2 cm in diameter, with a deep longitudinal groove. The beautiful large leaves of the large sansevieria (Sansevieria grandis) are light green, up to 60 cm long and about 15 cm wide, with dark transverse stripes and a reddish stripe along the edge.

Sansevieria care at home

What kind of care for sansevieria at home is required? Sansevieria is the best plant for beginner gardeners and busy people. It grows well both in bright light and in shaded places. The temperature in winter is desirable around +15 ° C, but you can leave to winter at room temperature. Dry air and drafts are not dangerous for her, spraying is not required. Leaves should be periodically wiped with a damp cloth from dust, which sansevieria actively retains from the air. Top dressing is carried out in the warm season, once a month, with fertilizers for succulents . Replant in the spring as needed. Propagated during transplantation by dividing the rhizome or leaf cuttings.

Sansevieria is perfect for any room and interior style. A very useful plant for children’s rooms.

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