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Such a beautiful flower as a rose is quite deservedly called the queen of flowers. When composing bouquets, it is the rose that is used in 98% of cases, even one single flower, decorated with improvised materials, will look great. Composing bouquets of beautiful flowers at first glance does not seem like a difficult task, especially when it is roses. However, experts insist that when working with roses, which are beautiful in themselves, certain rules must be observed.

How to collect a beautiful bouquet?

The first thing to understand is that the arrangement of flowers in a bouquet is carried out according to a certain scheme, because the preparation and proper design of flower bouquets is a whole science. When composing beautiful bouquets, a florist should be guided not only by intuition, he should apply the real laws of the flower world, take into account his rich experience and, of course, have talent and vision of the final result of his work.

For this reason, when composing a bouquet of roses, you need to know the following:

  • to whom it is intended;
  • on the occasion of what particular event it is compiled.

In addition, it is important to consider what time of day it will be presented. If the presentation of the bouquet takes place during the day, it is best to use darker colors for its preparation; for an “evening bouquet” presented by candlelight, light colors are preferable.

Turn on fantasy

The ideas of bouquets of roses are very diverse, so for any occasion you will definitely be able to make a beautiful composition.

The simplest option is a bouquet of roses of different sizes, which looks quite original and interesting. When compiling it, one largest bud is located in the center, then 1-2 circles are made from buds of a smaller diameter and another circle from the smallest buds.

One of the most favorite arrangements of roses is a bouquet in the shape of a heart.

In this case, the color of the buds can be the most diverse. It is not customary to decorate such a bouquet with greenery, usually very modest and elegant packaging is used for it. Also popular are spiral bouquets of roses of the same size, made from burgundy and white buds, as well as small microphone buds.

If you cannot make a bouquet yourself and want to entrust this matter to professionals, check out, here you can pick up and order the most beautiful exclusive bouquets of roses with delivery at affordable prices.

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