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Growing flowers for aesthetic satisfaction and visual beauty is one thing, but growing them for sale is quite another. In this case, you need to thoroughly take care of the long-term preservation of their presentation, since flowers, like many food products, are perishable.

Cut plants need special conditions of detention, which are designed to provide flower refrigerators and showcases. The equipment is based on medium-temperature refrigeration units. The temperature regime of the chambers varies from +4°С to +8°С. Refrigerating show-windows for flowers support temperature from +4°С – +12°С. They are able to extend the life of the plant and can be installed indoors or directly on the street. Refrigerated cabinets – showcases for flowers must have static cooling to prevent airing of the goods.

The advantage of the equipment lies in the fact that both showcases and cameras not only maintain the optimum temperature, but at the same time display flower arrangements, attracting interested potential buyers and ordinary passers-by.

Flower chambers are successfully installed in:

  • Floristic salon. Here the buyer can become a witness of how florists create original bouquets, flowers are selected at his discretion, and the created unique composition will be in a single copy. The large internal space of the chamber allows you to work freely.
  • flower shop.
  • Mall.

The demand for equipment is due to the advantages:

  • Long shelf life.
  • Silent operation.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • The presence of a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, which allows you to harmoniously combine with the interior of any store.
  • Simplicity and reliability of operation.
  • Ease of mounting / dismantling. The use of double-glazed windows with modular sections allows for quick installation anywhere
  • Providing great visibility.
  • High level of tightness. It is very important that the glasses do not fog up when changes are made to the temperature regime. Since three conditions are important for the long-term preservation of flowers – optimal temperature, humidity level and lighting.
  • The special spectrum of radiation used in the lamps for illuminating the interior of the chamber effectively emphasizes the beauty of the colors and has a beneficial effect on them.

Features of the execution of chambers for flowers

The main frame is a glass block, with internal partitions made of double-glazed windows and a door, which can be either a single sliding (single, double, sliding) or consisting of several blocks.

Depending on which part should be open, the glass block can be located on one, on two (adjacent) sides, from the frontal viewing part.

For the manufacture of flower chambers, sandwich panels are used. The internal space can be zoned with partitions, openings for showcases.

Additional decor elements

Equipping the rear interior panel with mirrors visually enlarges the space, creating the illusion of an abundance of colors and beautifully reflecting compositional solutions and design ideas.

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