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The very first and most important step towards growing plants at home is planting them in pots. It requires a responsible approach and consists of 3 stages: choosing a container, preparing it and planting a plant in a pot.

The choice of a pot must be made taking into account all the features of the plant, as well as the place of its future location (residential or public premises, winter garden, balcony, etc.) and the surrounding design.

Preparation includes mandatory cleaning, washing and disinfection of the container, especially if flowers have already grown in it. If there are no drainage holes in the pot, it is necessary to make drainage from washed gravel, brick chips, expanded clay or other heavy material at the bottom, which will give the vessel additional stability, since soil mixtures for pot crops are very light. This is especially true for containers kept outdoors.

Planting in a pot is of 3 types:

  1. planting a plant in a soil mixture (bulbs, seeds, small seedlings);
  2. backfilling a plant placed in a pot with a soil mixture (planting a formed individual);
  3. transshipment from another vessel (transplantation).

After any of the planting options, it is necessary to compact the soil around the plant, water it abundantly and mulch the surface. For the convenience of watering, it is necessary not to add soil to the upper edge of the container by 2-4 cm. To give a decorative look, the soil from above can be sprinkled with pebbles, crushed pine bark and other materials.

It is very important when planting a mature plant with a stem or when transplanting, to plant it so that it is at the same height relative to the ground as before. If the planting is too deep, the trunk will begin to rot, and if it is too high, the transplant will not have enough water.

During the adaptation period (the first 2-4 weeks), you need to especially carefully monitor the plant, water it in a timely manner, feed it with fertilizers, protect it from drafts and direct sunlight.

Growing flowers in pots

Since the method of growing in pots is one of the limited methods in which the root system is limited by the volume of the vessel, it is necessary to monitor the development of the culture and transplant in a timely manner.

Depending on the requirements of the type and composition of the soil, periodically change the substrate in the vessel. Timely and plentiful watering is vital for most types of flowers, especially on hot summer days when the soil dries out very quickly. Drying must not be allowed, since in this case the soil forms a lump and loses its ability to absorb moisture – the water simply passes along the walls of the pot and drains into the drainage hole.

Growing in pots requires regular feeding of the flowers due to the limited nutrient content of the potting soil. An important part of growing potted flowers is the regular removal of wilted inflorescences – this significantly prolongs the flowering period. Periodic pinching and pruning of the plant is very important to maintain a beautiful shape and good development of young shoots.

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