Pink callas in the photo and how to make a bouquet

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  • Calla origin: South America.
  • Kingdom: plants.
  • Type: angiosperms.
  • Class: dicot.
  • Squad: chastuhotsvetnye.
  • Family: Araceae.
  • Genus: calla.
  • Sun Exposure: Needs plenty of sunlight.
  • Height: 30-90 cm.
  • Leaves: Long and grow from the bottom of the stems.
  • Flowering period: late spring to early summer.

Pink callas are attractive flowers, so it’s not surprising that they are considered a symbol of “bewitching beauty”. The calla plant is often used for bridal bouquets and comes in a variety of hues, from pale pink to light cherry and raspberry. In addition, pale pink flowers tend to be used in children’s parties and ceremonies.

Features of planting a calla plant

Pink callas should be planted deep into the hole (about 10 cm) depending on their height and about 12 cm apart. You can sow them indoors if the temperature outside is too cold and transplant them into the garden in the spring.

The calla plant can be propagated by seeds, cuttings, and bulbs .

Pink callas of different types in the photo

Pink callas are hybridized from various wild African species and distinguish between the following species:

Zantedexia white-spotted (Zantedeschia albomaculata) , which has a pale pink, almost white color.

Zantedexia Rehmann (Zantedeschia rehmanni) , which has sword-shaped leaves.

Zantedexia Pentland (Zantedeschia pentlandii) , which has unusually large flowers.

Garden callas and growing features

Garden callas when grown should be planted in sunny places. The soil on which they are placed must be well drained and enriched. During the development period, make sure you supply them with enough nutrients and provide them with plenty of water, as they love moisture.

Plant them next to white roses or bright pink carnations. In any case, your flowers will have a very unusual exotic look.

Caring for pink callas after cutting

In order to keep cut flowers fresh, remember that the air temperature should not exceed +25 °C. Thus, keep them away from TVs, refrigerators and other household appliances. In addition, they are poisonous flowers, so keep them away from children and pets.

Flowers in the photo after cutting.

The meaning and use of pink callas

Pink callas are a symbol of grace and aristocracy. They will delicately decorate the last way to the earth of the deceased, with pure innocence and happiness. At the same time, they will share joy and youth, and their trumpet flower shape will announce delight and majestic beauty.

Pink calla lilies are perfect for corsages, boutonnieres, or simply to decorate your home (handy to put in thin vases). They are a traditional decoration for events during which they need to be arranged in vases.

Flowers can be combined with light pink or white roses if you want your decor to have a sweet and delicate touch. In addition, they can be mixed with pink Lisianthus (Eustoma). For bolder pink hues of callas, pick “sweet” colors – reds, purples or yellows and lots of greens.

Bouquets of pink callas in the photo and how to make them

A bouquet of callas is suitable for any special occasion. Falling down, hand knitted, in the form of a cascade, round – regardless of the shape of the bouquet, it will always look amazingly beautiful.

However, round bouquets of these flowers are for bold brides. Try using pink mini callas with bright orange pink roses, orange tulips and purple hydrangeas. And the result will be breathtaking. Or, for a more beautiful bridal bouquet, mix pink callas with hints of purple, using mauve roses and lavender dutch tulips, tied with a pink or purple silk ribbon or bow.

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