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The time has long passed when it was considered unacceptable to use flowers when decorating an office with flowers. Previously, managers believed that flowers create the image of a “sissy” company and distract employees from the work mood.

Today, many companies use flowers as decoration in their offices . No one needs to prove that flower arrangements have a good effect on well-being and mood.

You can believe it or not, but it has long been noticed that a certain color, one way or another, affects a person. You can actively use this when developing the design of your office.

For example, red color increases the working tone of employees, activating them. Yellow and orange help a person open up and establish interpersonal contacts. Green color gives strength. Blue-green promotes change. Blue color will help in creativity. White, olive and dark brown soothe, relieve excessive tension.

What flowers are suitable for the office

By placing plants of certain colors in the office space, it will be possible to create one or another atmosphere, but you need to know which flowers are suitable for the office.

Even the shape of plants and flowers affects the psychological state. Pyramidal and elongated shapes increase working tone. Bouquets of such forms are traditionally considered men’s bouquets. If the management wants to “shake up” its employees, then you can place a composition of bright gladioli in the office.

Oval shapes are soothing. So if there is a tense atmosphere in the company and conflicts often arise, then compositions from azaleas and chrysanthemums can help.

Working in an office involves strenuous sitting in one place. And caring for plants will allow workers to warm up a little, relieve stress. Communication with flowers inspires, gives strength, distracts from negative thoughts.

In addition, plants improve indoor climate. They filter harmful substances that exude modern building materials. Plants kill harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Aloe , ficus, spathiphyllum, chlorophytum, azalea dracaena and dieffenbachia do this especially effectively. Germs can be removed with rosemary, begonia , pelargonium, and myrtle.

The offices are air-conditioned. They absorb moisture from the air. Too dry air spoils the skin, accelerates the aging of the body. And plants, in turn, humidify the air.

Plants produce oxygen. The office is always crowded, and it is important when carbon dioxide is removed from the room. In addition, plants discharge the field of electrostatic voltage.

Plants with large leaves perfectly absorb excess noise from the room.

Not only potted plants are beneficial. Cut flowers exude smells that also have a beneficial effect on a person and create a certain mood. Flowers can even relieve headaches and relieve fatigue.

Relax chamomile and jasmine . With overwork, geranium and rosemary help with headache and muscle pain. The accumulated fatigue syndrome is eliminated by the smells of narcissus , rose and hyacinth.

Flowers in the office create an atmosphere of success and prosperity. In addition, in recent years, many companies prefer to emphasize their style with flowers. To do this, the interior contains floral arrangements made in corporate colors. Bouquets are certainly present in the design of the premises for various responsible events.

Red and pink carnations will help create an atmosphere of easy communication, while white ones are suitable for business negotiations.

Irises will contribute to the recognition of the company if they are placed in the southern part of the office. Daffodils will help revive the atmosphere in the room. Chlorophytum will create a feeling of calm. “Money tree” will add solidity to the office of any company.

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