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Plant type: annual or biennial.

Description: in this genus there are a large number of different plant species, and their height varies from 15 to 90 cm. They belong to the fireweed family. There are annual, biennial or perennial species, but horticulture mainly uses biennial and annual evening primrose. In another way, this flower is called evening primrose – a night candle.

  • Homeland: America.
  • Care: easy.
  • Lighting: full sun or partial shade.
  • Foliage: This hardy flower has leaves in a basal rosette. They are serrated and lobed.

Flowering: These plants bloom for a short time in spring or summer. The flowers are cup-shaped and can be pink, white or yellow.

Soil type: it is desirable to choose light sandy soil, the acidity of which is in the range of 5.5-7. The flower can survive in dry soils. The soil must be well drained.

Watering: It is necessary to moisten the soil of the plants during the hot months. The soil should be well-drained. Freshly planted annuals should be watered weekly during the summer until they are established.m. Those flowers that have already begun should be watered only in hot, dry weather.

Fertilizers: Feed from time to time. In the spring, foliarize with cow dung. In addition, you can add some fertilizer during planting.

Evening primrose flower in the photo.

Planting: If you want to grow a flower in the garden, then the seeds must be planted in the fall. The distance between plants should be from 10 to 100 cm. Evening primrose, which is planted indoors, requires an ambient temperature of about 21 degrees. Seeds should be planted 9-10 weeks before the last expected frost. When planting seeds, they need to be lightly sprinkled with earth. The first shoots appear in 1-4 weeks. Seedlings should be taken out to the garden after frost. Dig a hole in the garden and plant a few seedlings, or you can plant each offshoot in separate holes. If you first grew evening primroses in a container, then you need to plant them in the garden at the same depth. Before planting, clear the entire surrounding area of weeds, as they will interfere with the good development of evening primrose.

Reproduction: carried out by division of processes. They need to be divided in autumn in warm regions or in spring in other regions.

Application: This annual is used in cooking and medicine. Young roots are used as vegetables, shoots are used in salads, and oil is obtained from seeds. They are often grown in gardens due to their beautiful flowers, for example, pink evening primrose or yellow primrose are quite common.

Optional: when growing evening primrose, create a support for it. When flowering ends, plants need to be pruned. It is also advisable to prune the flowers at the moment when the seeds begin to form, as the flower can grow throughout the garden.

Oenothera Missouri – Oenothera missouriensis Sims

This species needs the same care as the others. Evening primrose Missouri has showy yellow flowers. They will make a great addition to your garden.

Oenothera beautiful – Oenothera speciosa

This variety usually grows about 20-60 cm in height. Evening primrose has cup-shaped flowers that look like they are pointing to the sky. They appear in the middle or at the end of spring and reach a width of about 12 cm . Be sure to make sure that the soil for this plant is well-drained, as otherwise its roots may rot.

The smallest species is also known – soddy evening primroseoenothera caespitos a, it reaches a height of about 10 cm. Ideal for growing in stone gardens. The flowers are white, but turn pink over time.

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