Neantha beautiful (Neanthe Bella) is an indoor palm tree

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Plant type: palm.

Description: This is a well-known houseplant that is easy to care for. Despite the fact that the palm family is very large, only a few of its representatives are suitable for home conditions. Neantha is one of those few palm trees that adapts well to average room conditions. Slow growing flower. A fully formed plant reaches a height of 90 to 120 cm.

  • Origin: Mexico.
  • Growing environment: greenhouse or room conditions.
  • Leaf ornament: absent. It has graceful, green leaves on arcuate branches that give it the shape of a fluffy dome.
  • Aroma: no.
  • Temperature range: from normal to warm room temperature. 16-29°C.
  • Soil type: Neantha grows well in pots evenly filled with peat and loam with a significant proportion of sand.
  • Watering: Keep the soil slightly moist. Neante needs good drainage.

Neant flower at home in a large photo

Flowering: yes. With sufficient light, a mature plant can form branches of small yellow flowers on tall stems above the foliage. After flowering, seeds are formed that rarely germinate and should not be stored. Experts recommend simply cutting off the flowers when they start to turn brown.

Care: Neanta does not require careful care. Although the palm tree is tolerant of dry indoor air, it is much better to provide high humidity conditions. Don’t prune your palm. It grows from the apical bud. Pruning this single point of growth will stop growth. However, old twigs that have turned brown should be trimmed. In summer, they need a humid tropical atmosphere in a shady location.

Humidity level: high. You can spray Neantha with warm water several times a week. Spraying keeps the foliage clean and helps prevent spider mites that often infest this plant.

Lighting: Dim to moderately bright. If the leaves turn yellow-green, they may be getting too much sun. This is one of the few palm trees that grows well in low light. Its tolerance to lack of light and low humidity make it an excellent plant for the office.

Fertilizers: This palm needs more fertilizer than most others. Top dressing should be applied monthly in spring and summer with water-soluble or granular fertilizers.

Reproduction: Neanta is reproduced by seeds. First you need to soak the seeds in water for a day or two before planting them in the greenhouse in the spring. Some varieties can be propagated by division.

Transplantation: carried out in the spring, only if the roots completely filled the pot. Always use a pot with a drainage hole so that the soil is not too wet as this can lead to root rot.

Care tips and tricks: Do not allow the flower to sit in water. If possible, in the summer, take the palm tree outside in partial shade.

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