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Ipheion (genus Asphodelus) – belongs to the category of bulbous plants. The name of this flower is Greek, but as such it does not matter. The Ipheion flower has 25 subspecies and types, which indicates its diversity and dissimilarity with its own kind. The bulb itself has a film membrane, which, when wet, becomes slimy and slippery. This masterpiece fell in love with humid tropical and subtropical forests.

  • Family: lily
  • Origin: Tropics of South America
  • Stem: thin, straight
  • Leaves: elongated, sometimes funnel-shaped
  • Fruit: bulb
  • Reproductive ability: division
  • Illumination: light-requiring
  • Watering: plentiful
  • Content temperature: room, can be grown in the garden
  • Flowering time: end of spring

Irresistible ifeion flowers with photo

What is their irresistibility? Ipheion flowers have a rather strong and bewitching aroma. But, this is not the main feature and surprise. The smell of leaves is considered very unusual.

Ipheion in the photo

If the leaf of the plant is rubbed properly, then a rather strong and annoying smell of garlic will soon be felt. This can be seen in almost every one of the 25 species of this plant.

Flower Ipheion – home or freedom-loving?

Many believe that single-flowered ifeion can be grown at home, and not just at their summer cottage. And this is the correct opinion. In fact, this representative is not considered picky about any particular conditions. Room temperature and the absence of adverse weather conditions give it the opportunity to grow and regenerate faster.

At the very beginning of autumn, it gives new and strong shoots. Therefore, bulbs for home planting are best purchased at the very beginning of August. But you should be careful. Its bulbs are so tender that, if stored for a long time, they can easily dry out. Therefore, in landing you need to hurry.

For planting, it is best to purchase a light floral soil. Although you can dig it up from the garden, the plant will be indoor, so the soil is required less harsh. If the earth is with a small content of leaf humus, then this will only benefit the flower.

So, if you stocked up on everything you need and have already moved on to landing, then here are the following tips:

  • planting depth 5 cm.
  • watering with exceptionally warm water (you can even melt first)
  • planting several bulbs in one pot

Ifeion content

Keeping such a beautiful flower is not at all difficult. Ipheion flowers when flowering resemble small stars. Which have six flowers. If you look at the Ipheion in the photo, then it looks like a small bouquet of daffodils.

The best option for indoor maintenance would be a window sill. The plant is very photophilous, therefore it needs constant bright lighting. Such lighting should be regardless of the time of year.

Although he likes a fairly plentiful watering, it is worth noting that before the start of the next, the earth should dry out sufficiently. What kind of hardness the water has does not have a characteristic value. Therefore, both tap water and settled water are suitable.

In a specialized store, you can buy special top dressing for bulbs. This procedure must be carried out at the end of February. Top dressing should continue until the plant reaches the flowering period.

After the flowering is over, the ifeion will begin to dry out, figuratively speaking, falling into hibernation. This dormant period usually lasts until the end of August. During this period of time, watering is not limited, but completely stopped.

It can also be grown in the garden, but at home, it will more often please the eye of the owner. The principle of planting in open ground is slightly different, as is the flowering period.

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