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To call Holland the birthplace of tulips can only be a stretch, because these flowers did not grow there at all until the 16th century. Flowers were delivered there by local merchants from Turkey, while at first they were valued more than precious metals and stones.

Man began to grow flowers more than 4 thousand years ago. The first in this case were the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

In Germany, the most venerable rose bush grows, which is located near the Hildesheim Cathedral. For all the time of its existence, and its age is 1000 years, the bush has almost equaled the height of the cathedral itself, it has grown so much.

At the sight of a black flower, will your tongue turn to say “I will buy flowers”? Nevertheless, breeders brought out an orchid with black petals. And now they are working on bringing out the blue ones, which so far has not been working out.

Growing flowers and gardening in the Middle Ages was considered a very honorable occupation. Moreover, a person who showed disrespect for this work could be severely punished.

For example:

Chained to a pillory, the destroyer of someone else’s garden or flower garden could, like a thief, cut off his hand or burn his toes, and then they were expelled from their native lands forever.

Some flowers help geologists to discover minerals in the bowels of the earth. For example, overgrown adonis speaks about the fact that in the soil, most likely, a lot of lime, violets like to grow on lands rich in zinc.

In the mountains of South America, you can find the plant Puya raimondii, which blooms only once, namely, when it is one and a half years old, after which it immediately fades.

Bee flowers are distinguished not only by aroma, but also by color. However, they do not see all colors, but only selected ones: blue, purple and yellow – and better than others. At the same time, they do not perceive red at all.

The Japanese, as you know, are the most skillful contemplators in the world, appreciating in flowers, first of all, not the aroma, but their attractiveness. It is no coincidence that the flowers they love most either exude a very weak aroma, or do not smell at all, but at the same time they are very beautiful.

The graceful and spectacular coreopsis actually has a rather dissonant name: from Latin, its name is translated as “like a bug.” At the same time, the flower itself has nothing to do with an insect, but really poured bugs are its seeds.

Surprisingly, any plant behaves like a living organism when it is unhealthy: its “breathing” quickens and its temperature rises.

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