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For a long time, stephanotis indoor flowers undeservedly ignored flower growers. Basically, this plant was cultivated as an ornamental crop to decorate wedding halls and corteges. But recently the attitude towards the flower has changed. Already today, stephanotis indoor flowers can be found as an ampelous culture in many houses and apartments.

Stephanotis plant and his photo

Let’s take a closer look at the stephanotis plant. Delicate white flowers of this creeper are more often found in wedding bouquets than as room decorations. Although in terms of its decorative qualities, this beautiful plant undoubtedly deserves more attention and distribution. Currently, stephanotis is used in greenhouses, winter gardens and occasionally to decorate windows and create green curtains in well-lit residential and office buildings.

See photos of stephanotis:

Stephanotis profusely flowering

The birthplace of this flowering plant is Madagascar, where 5 of its species are found. In room culture, only profusely flowering stephanotis has become widespread.

Stephanotis profusely flowering (Stephanotis floribunda) is an evergreen climbing plant whose shoots grow up to 1 m and require strong support. Blooming stephanotis, fixed on wire hoops, looks very beautiful. Leathery dark green leaves resemble ficus leaves. Fragrant flowers, similar to white waxy stars, are collected in loose umbrella inflorescences. Blooms from late spring to late summer.

The genus name comes from the Greek words stephanos – “crown, crown” and otos – “ear” because of the five ear-shaped outgrowths on the stamen tube.

Stephanotis care at home

Stephanotis at home is very photophilous. It is with insufficient lighting that the difficulties of its cultivation are connected. It is best to place the plant on the windowsill of an east-facing window. In winter, it is necessary to organize artificial lighting with the help of fitolamps. This is how you should start organizing the care of stephanotis at home.

The plant is also sensitive to the temperature factor: in summer it should not be hot (about +18..+22 °C), and in winter it should be moderately cool (+12..+16 °C).

Watering from March to August requires abundant spraying, you can use only soft water at room temperature.

Top dressing is carried out every two weeks. In winter, when kept cool, water sparingly.

After the appearance of buds on the shoots, the pot cannot be rotated relative to the light source. Too long shoots are cut off. Stephanotis is transplanted in the spring every 2 years.

Easily propagated by top cuttings.

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