How to make a bouquet of roses with your own hands?

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Men have been giving roses to women for centuries. The purpose of such an act can be different, the bouquet is presented as a sign of respect, gratitude or a declaration of love. It is not necessary to buy ready-made bouquets on the market, you can make them yourself, putting care, warmth and love into it. There are several options for how to make a bouquet of roses with your own hands. In any case, you need to buy roses if you do not grow them yourself.

This noble flower gained particular popularity in the preparation of wedding bouquets. At the same time, flowers can be of different colors: red ones are a symbol of burning passion between the newlyweds, delicate pink ones symbolize the tenderness, purity and romance of the bride. Some brides choose orange and coral roses, they are the embodiment of mystery and mystery of the owner of such a flower arrangement.

Many refuse yellow roses, believing that they symbolize separation.

If you want your bouquet to look luxurious and elegant, follow these guidelines when composing it:

1. Prepare a few meters of light organza, this luxurious fabric will turn a bunch of roses into an exquisite composition. In addition to organza, choose roses of your favorite color, ribbon, wire, knife or secateurs.

2. Using a knife or pruner, carefully remove the thorns and leaves to about the middle of the legs of each flower.

3. Then the roses should be carefully folded into one bouquet, and the legs should be pulled with wire in two places.

4. When the bouquet is formed, the bottom of the stems must be cut off so that they are all on the same level. This is easy to do with a pruner.

5. Now you can start decorating our holiday bouquet. Take a piece of organza about 1.5 meters long, start winding the stems, going from bottom to top. You need to wrap the bouquet as tightly as possible, but at the same time keeping all the folds of the organza. When the bouquet is completely wrapped in expensive fabric, it should be secured at the top with a small pin.

6. The bouquet is almost ready: it remains to make a decoration – a bow. To do this, cut off a small part of the organza, fold it in the form of a bow, tie it with a ribbon in the center and fix it on the bouquet.

Such a beautiful bouquet will delight and pleasantly surprise every girl.

Organza looks great, matched in contrast to the roses, and the ribbon is better to be the same color as them. The bouquet is ideal for solemn events – weddings, birthdays, proms.

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