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Before you grow a rose from a cutting, read this manual carefully. We will describe the main points of such processes as propagating roses from cuttings and how to root cuttings. Green cuttings can successfully propagate climbing, semi-climbing dwarf varieties, as well as polyanthus roses. And most importantly, you will get exactly the kind of rose that you wanted to see on your personal plot.

How to root cuttings of roses with your own hands

To root cuttings of roses, you can use lignified and semi-lignified stems. But it is more effective to use semi-woody cuttings (summer cuttings). Cutting cuttings should be started in the morning or in the evening. Cut cuttings from the middle part of semi-lignified shoots in the flowering stage. Do not use fat shoots. We prepare cuttings 12-15 cm long with 2-3 leaves. Cuttings should be made with a sharpened tool. Make a cut directly under the node, removing the bottom sheet, which will interfere with planting. To reduce the evaporation of moisture, the leaves are shortened by 2/3 of the length. There should be 3-4 buds on the handle. It is important to hold the cuttings in a solution of a stimulant substance before planting, for better rooting. This can be a solution of heteroauxin or Bio-master. If you do not have them, you can use a solution of honey (0.5 tsp per 1 glass of water) and add a few chopped leaves of a living tree. Keep in this solution for about an hour.

How to propagate roses from cuttings quickly and correctly

Roses can be propagated by cuttings quite quickly, within one or two seasons. To do this, you only need to know certain rules. The microclimate of their growth is of particular importance. For cuttings, it is necessary to choose a place on the site so that there is no direct sunlight, but at the same time it is not shaded. Best of all, cuttings take root in the sand. We make a hole in the soil with a depth of 10-15 cm, fill it with a fertile soil mixture, and 2-3 cm of fine sand on top. We water and plant the cuttings so that one kidney is in the ground. The planting depth should be 1.5 – 2 cm. It is no longer worth deepening, since at such a depth, callus and roots are formed faster.

Then we will prepare a mini greenhouse for the cutting. We cut off the bottom (preferably not transparent) of a plastic bottle with a volume of one and a half liters, and cover our stalk with it, squeeze the ground around the bottle. And a very important point! Watering should be every day without opening the bottle. As soon as the first true leaves appear, the cork can be opened. The first feeding is best done with liquid fertilizers, chicken manure 1:20 or mullein 1:10. The bottle can be removed next spring, because the plant needs to overwinter, and this will be additional shelter. And you will already plant it in a permanent place along with a clod of earth.

Roses grow their own roots better on light, well-drained fertile soil, cultivated to a depth of 40 cm. Only in such soil will a powerful root system develop, on which their growth, flowering and winter hardiness depend. If you have heavy clay soil, add sand and compost. On sandy soils, organic fertilizers and soddy soil. A place is better to choose well-lit and protected from the wind. Roses have been growing in one place for many years, so it is necessary to fertilize the soil well before planting 6-8 kilograms of humus per square meter, a glass of wood ash, 20 grams of superphosphate and 30 grams of potassium salt.

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