How to choose the best bouquet for the most beautiful bride?

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Once in the life of the representatives of the fair half, a significant and exciting event occurs – a wedding, which many girls dream of from a young age. On this significant day, all attention is focused on the bride and groom, who are extraordinarily beautiful and touching in their wedding attire. A mandatory attribute that complements her image is an exquisite wedding bouquet, which plays an important role in the traditional ceremony.

The bride’s bouquet is one of the most important decorations for a newlywed, a delightful accessory that symbolizes the purity and romance of a relationship. Florist experts know that creating a bridal bouquet takes skill and inspiration. Not every specialist is able to assemble a composition that will be the perfect complement to the image of a particular girl, even if exotic or expensive plants were used to arrange the bouquet.

Incorrect geometry, excessive splendor or, on the contrary, too small size of the bouquet, inharmoniously combined shades, excessively long stems, lack of ideas and inexpressive design – these are common mistakes when choosing a bouquet for the bride. In order to avoid all kinds of frustration and unpleasant surprises, you should contact specialized agencies for wedding bouquets.

On the website of the agency // you can see photos, order and buy wedding bouquets, professionally made according to all the rules of floristry and design canons. By the way, some girls believe that the groom should buy the bride’s bouquet. In this case, you should not complicate the task too much for a man, just tell him the address of the salon or select a photo from the catalog.

Important points when choosing a bridal bouquet:

Dimensions. When choosing a bouquet, a dear lady should remember that she will have to carry flowers in her hands almost all day: at a photo shoot, at the registry office, on a walk, therefore it is advisable to leave a heavy armful of plants for more suitable occasions. The height and build of the girl is another factor that should not be ignored when choosing a bouquet.

Shape: spherical, teardrop-shaped, cascade, on a porte or a miniature coquettish floral bracelet on a ribbon – you can get confused by such a variety. Sometimes it is worth consulting with a stylist or an agency employee who will recommend the best option for a bouquet that is in harmony with the style of the dress.

Color decision. I am glad that at present there are no restrictions on the color scheme, the main thing is that all the shades are organically combined with each other, do not enter into dissonance with the wedding dress.

Advice from wedding experts: Given the tradition of throwing a bouquet to unmarried girls, you should take care of buying two bouquets, one of which will remain as a keepsake for the bride, the second – smaller, and most importantly – easier, will go to a happy friend.

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