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To create a hanging flower pot with your own hands, first of all, you need a rope. It can be a clothesline, thick knitting threads or a cord. Regular threads should not be taken. In addition, you will need a small metal ring, for example, from the keys and the flower pot itself. The whole job will take about half an hour.

For a small pot, you will need to take 6 equal parts of a rope of about 90 cm. It is possible that the ends will seem too long, but it is better to leave a few centimeters so that it is definitely enough.

One end of the rope is pulled through the ring, then both ends are compared and a knot is tied at the base of the metal ring. The knot should not reach the ring by about 3 cm. All other pieces of rope are attached in the same way. All tied knots should be the same distance from the ring.

The finished hanging planter with your own hands will be hung by a metal ring. The place to start weaving must be chosen where the upper edge of the flower pot will be located. At the chosen level, on each pair of ropes you will need to tie a knot in the same way as it was done at the beginning of work near the ring. All nodes must also be at the same level.

Weaving “string bag”

All warp threads should be separated. Even numbers are placed to the right and odd numbers to the left of the ring. Knots are tied at all levels of weaving. The distance between them is chosen at will. Now you need to connect the segments with nodes to each other. When the last level of weaving is completed, a pot should be placed in the pot. And check if the size is right and if the pot is positioned as needed. At the end of the weaving “string bag” all the threads are connected by one common knot. When finished, the knot will be under the bottom of the pot. Such a hanging planter in the interior will help unload the window sill and decorate the room. Next to it, you can pour a small natural stone. This will transform the room even more.

If there is no pot at your disposal, then you can also make it yourself.

For this, a bucket of ice cream, paint or cotton candy is suitable. Acrylic white paint is applied to it with a sponge or foam rubber. In order for the color to be uniform, it is necessary to apply several layers. Each layer should dry well. Layers of paint should be thin.

Then paper napkins of a suitable color are selected. Remove the colored top layer. The white bottom of the napkin is not needed. Cut out the necessary piece of napkin. PVA glue is diluted with water in equal proportions. A napkin is applied to the surface of the pot. With a brush dipped in an adhesive solution, moisten a napkin. It should fit snugly against the surface. There should be no air inside. After the glue dries, varnish is applied.

So that the bucket can be hung, holes are made in it and a rope is attached with knots. Initially, it itself is attached to a metal ring.

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