Hamedorea – home care

What is this chamedorea plant? In appearance, it is very similar to a fern. Only this is not a grass, but a noble decorative palm tree of a small size. At home, it requires attention, although there are no special requirements for content. It is only necessary to strictly follow the rules for keeping such a chamedorea palm tree in order for the plant to develop normally. For those who decide to have such a miracle in their apartment, it must be said that you can buy a hamedorea, or you can grow it yourself.

Growing Hamedorea

They are grown mainly from seeds that are planted immediately, as soon as they are bought, because they may not germinate if they lie down. Should be planted in a pot with moist soil, then covered with a film. Such an ecosystem maintains constant soil moisture and promotes rapid seed germination. But, from time to time you need to check the moisture content of the earth and, if necessary, water it. The temperature in the room where the pot is standing should be above 25 ° C.

Hamedorea seeds germinate in a month and a half. To ensure the full development of the plant, it must be periodically transplanted. Young palms are transplanted after two years, and as they grow, the interval is increased.

Purchased hamedorea also need such a procedure. That’s just the first time it needs to be transplanted in 2-3 weeks. And do not forget, with each next transplant, increase the capacity of the pot.

The soil for such a plant can be taken purchased, or you can mix it yourself from the necessary components. To do this, in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 2: 2, they take peat, sand, rotted manure, leaf humus, clay-soddy soil and mix everything. It will be nice if you add charcoal to the soil. But not much.

As mentioned above, the conditions for keeping palm trees must be strictly observed. So the temperature in the room should not exceed 17? C. But since the air in our apartments is somewhat warmer, it will be necessary to provide the plant with additional moisture to create the desired microclimate. This can be done by placing a decorative pot with small wet pebbles near the palm tree pot. And in addition to this, it will be very good if, during the evening and morning coolness, lightly spray the chamedorea with warm water. The soil in the pot should contain enough moisture and at the same time not be too wet. For such a palm tree, this is important.

If we want to have a plant healthy and beautiful, do not forget about top dressing. To do this, you need to take fertilizers for indoor plants and make a weak solution, which is used to water our pet twice a month.

As you can see, in principle, there are no special problems with the maintenance of such ornamental plants as hamedorea. But the minimum effort, to grow a beautiful plant, still needs to be applied.

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