Geranium care

Amateur gardeners very often call fragrant pelargonium the simple and familiar name of geranium to everyone since childhood. This beautifully flowering plant pleases with its lovely multi-colored flowers, which are collected in umbrellas, and also has useful properties. The essential substances contained in pelargonium purify the air of pathogenic microbes and help the body fight colds.

Growing geraniums

Geraniums are grown not only as indoor plants, but they also decorate the facades of houses in the summer. Geraniums require special care and will please with their flowering even if it is only watered a few times a week. By following very simple rules for caring for pelargonium, this flower will delight you for more than one year, and will bloom almost all year round.

Geraniums are grown in loose nutrient soil, which is made up of equal parts of peat, garden soil and humus. The main requirement for this plant is to provide it with good drainage, this condition is especially important if the flower grows in a pot in an apartment. If moisture stagnates in the pot, the roots will begin to rot and the plant will simply die after a while. The risk of development of putrefactive processes is significantly reduced if the soil is loosened from time to time, thereby allowing it to be saturated with oxygen.

In the warm season, pelargonium requires abundant watering with purified water at room temperature, but in winter, when the root system of the plant hibernates, watering is reduced to prevent decay. It is worth remembering that geranium is a very unpretentious plant that accumulates moisture in its stems, so pelargonium tolerates overdried soil much better than excess moisture. You should not spray the geranium or wipe its leaves, the plant does not tolerate this.

Geraniums are grown in various containers, which are selected exclusively according to the size of the root system of the plant. Geraniums will thrive in pots and wooden crates. Caring for a buden plant is much easier if the flowerpot is not too large. In a properly selected container, the plant will bloom better, and the bush will quickly gain green foliage and develop. If you still decide to pick up a large flowerpot or box, then it is better to plant several bushes in it at once.

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