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When growing fragrant tobacco flowers, be prepared for the fact that during daylight hours you will not be able to admire their modest beauty, since these plants bloom only with the onset of evening. But on the other hand, in the dark, you can fully enjoy the smell of fragrant tobacco – it is so strong and pleasant that it fills the entire garden and its surroundings with a magical fragrance.

Description of fragrant tobacco and photos of flowers

The strong aroma emitted in the evenings has made this plant a favorite of many gardeners. Even though the description of fragrant tobacco is not very sophisticated, and its flowers are not so elegant, and besides, they close during the day, this culture is very loved by the people.

This is an annual plant with a straight thin branched stem up to 80 cm high. The leaves are large, basal – rounded, stem – elongated.

Pay attention to the photo – the flowers of fragrant tobacco are regular, non-double, single:

The shape of the flower is star-shaped with a long tube, the diameter of the flower is from 6 to 8 cm.

The color of the main species is white, but there are varieties with greenish, yellow, pink, purple-red and red colors. Red color is typical for tobacco hybrids, the flowers of which do not close for a day, but also have no smell.

When growing fragrant tobacco from seeds, remember that this plant is thermophilic, shade-tolerant and moisture-loving, it does not tolerate spring frosts, and autumn colds down to -4 ° C do not cause significant harm to plants. Tobacco blooms from mid-June to late autumn.

How to grow fragrant tobacco: planting in the ground and care

How to grow fragrant tobacco in garden plots? Under this plant, well-fertilized light soil is taken away and plants are watered abundantly. Semi-shady places are most suitable, as in the sun its flowers droop and close.

The flower is propagated by sowing seeds for seedlings. It is possible to plant fragrant tobacco in open ground immediately in a permanent place. The plant also reproduces by self-sowing.

Tobacco tolerates transplanting well even in a flowering state.

Planted on seedlings in March, and in the ground – at the end of April. Shoots appear in 10-12 days. Tobacco seeds are very small (up to 8000 pieces in 1 g), therefore, before sowing, they are mixed with sand and not covered with earth.

They are planted in a permanent place in May, when the threat of frost has passed, at a distance of 15-40 cm, depending on the height of the variety. Seedlings and young plants are watered regularly, flowering plants do not require frequent watering. Seeds ripen in August-September, they easily spill out of the boxes.

Soaking the seeds of flower crops is well combined with heating. To do this, snow water is heated to 50 °, seeds are poured into it and left until the water cools down. Then they are dried, and the crops are watered with melt water heated to 25 °.

Flowers grown in this way take root well in open ground, grow faster, bloom more profusely and are more resistant to diseases.

As a fragrant plant, tobacco is planted near gazebos, verandas, balconies and loggias. Low varieties, the flowers of which do not close during the day, look good in flower beds , borders, mixborders and as potted plants. Tall varieties are used in the garden when creating groups and in single plantings. Suitable tobacco for cutting.

When planting and caring for fragrant tobacco, do not forget to protect plants from diseases. The greatest danger is posed by downy mildew (peronosporosis), which causes premature death of leaves and loss of decorative plants.

The best varieties of fragrant tobacco

The best varieties of fragrant tobacco undersized (45-70 cm):

“Green Light” – with flowers of pale salad color.

“Winged” – a mixture of colors, a strong evening aroma.

“Night Bonfire” – a dazzling bright red color, opens in the evening and during the day in cloudy weather.

Tall varieties (90-150 cm):

“Ringing bell” F1 – a hybrid, elegant red bell flowers completely cover the plant from June to October.

“Aroma Green” – original tall, sprawling plants with unusual green fragrant bell flowers.

“Enjoyment” . A new interspecific hybrid, which is characterized by high resistance to diseases. Great for landscape gardening: plants are tall, fast growing, with abundant branching. Covered in an incredible amount of flowers all season long!

“Maju Noir” – has the most intense and exotic aroma, snow-white bell flowers.

“Dolce Vita” F1 – large, fragrant flowers of this tobacco are open all day, have a stunning variety of colors.

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