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The flower of the Christmas star in botanical reference books is referred to as the most beautiful euphorbia or the most beautiful poinsettia (Euphorbia pLuicherrima). This is a small, profusely branching shrub with thin erect shoots and ovate dark green leaves, belonging to the genus Euphorbia.

At the end of December, this seemingly unremarkable plant undergoes amazing metamorphoses. Suddenly, on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, huge bright red flowers resembling stars open at the ends of the shoots of poinsettia (euphorbia). And it immediately becomes clear why this flower is called the Christmas star, the most beautiful spurge or the most beautiful paunsettia – these epithets fully correspond to the plant during the flowering period.

The birthplace of paunsettia (euphorbia) and the history of the name

This species is native to Mexico. In nature, the most beautiful Euphorbia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a fairly large evergreen shrub up to 1.5 m high.

According to history, the name poinsettia was given to the plant in honor of its discoverer, the first American ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberto Poinsett (1779-1851).

poinsettia in the photo

In indoor floriculture, varieties are used that are characterized by compact size and abundant branching, as well as less demanding than the natural look, to the intensity of lighting and air humidity. The flowers themselves at poinsettia (euphorbia) are small and inconspicuous, loose, small inflorescences are collected.

Photo of the most beautiful poinsettia

Large bright “stars” of the most beautiful poinsettia (the most beautiful milkweed) are formed by brightly colored bracts, the shape of which repeats ordinary leaves, but with a changed color. Breeders have bred varieties of poinsettia with bracts:

creamy white,



pink gamma,

there are bicolor varieties.

Euphorbia pLuicherrima is a traditional Christmas decoration. In the photo of the most beautiful poinsettia, you can see how with the help of this plant you can decorate an apartment for the holiday. It is placed in the most prominent place, near the Christmas tree or hung in a planter in the window opening. Also, a Christmas star can be put on the festive table, but there should not be ripe fruits nearby – poonsettia (euphorbia) cannot stand this.

flower care christmas star

Although the poinsettia, like other spurges, is a succulent plant, it is not as easy to care for as it may seem. The plant is afraid of cold and drafts, loves bright lighting and regular abundant watering.

Caring for the Christmas star flower provides for regular pruning: in order to admire the “star” flowers every year, it is necessary to cut the shoots after flowering, leaving about 10-15 cm from the soil level, and place the bush in a cool (+1 2 +15 ° C) shaded place, limit watering.

In May, when fresh shoots appear, the plant is transplanted and rearranged to a bright place, regularly watered and fed once every two weeks with fertilizers for cacti.

In October-November, it is necessary to artificially reduce daylight hours to 10 hours. Top cuttings are used for propagation.

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