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Unpretentious plants do not have to be only deciduous-decorative. For example, Hoya flowers have not only diverse, sometimes very original and colorful leaves that do not lose their attractiveness in winter, but also wonderful inflorescences of graceful waxy star-flowers with small bright crowns and a delicate aroma.

The hoya plant has a very rich color range of various shades. There are varieties with white flowers (from snow-white to all sorts of shades: pinkish, ivory, greenish, etc.). All hoya inflorescences are similar in their description and differ only in colors: plants of pink, red, brownish, orange, yellow and green shades are widely used in indoor gardening.

The genus unites about 200 species of vines and shrubs, common in India, South China, the Pacific Islands and Australia. The most unpretentious and widespread in room culture is the fleshy hoya.

Photo of fleshy hoya

Hoya fleshy (Hoya carnosa) – a tall climbing culture, wrapping its shoots around everything that comes in its way, specially placed supports, curtains, pieces of furniture, neighboring plants. As you can see in the photo, the fleshy hoya plant has thick, oval-pointed dark green leaves. There are variegated varieties. Blooms from May to October.

Hoya flowers are beautiful in the photo

Hoya bella is a small bushy plant with abundantly branching flexible shoots, neat diamond-shaped leaves and star-shaped, white fragrant flowers with a pink crown, collected in an umbrella-shaped inflorescence of 8-10 pieces.

Our photo gallery contains photos of hoya flowers of various colors and shades:

hoya in the photo

hoya in the photo

hoya in the photo

Care for room hoya at home

Hoya is a tropical plant that loves bright diffused lighting with shading from direct sunlight, year-round warmth (winter temperature is not lower than +16 ° C), regular watering (abundant in summer, limited in winter), daily spraying in hot weather and during the heating season.

When caring for hoya at home, a strong support is needed to keep the plants upright. Top dressing is carried out in the warm season once every two weeks. Hoya is transplanted in the spring, young plants annually, adults every three years. Once the buds have appeared, the plants should not be moved, as this may cause them to fall off. Peduncles do not need to be removed after flowering, as flowers will reappear on them next year. Easily propagated by apical and stem cuttings.

Hoya indoor is a beautiful flowering plant that will decorate any ampelous composition. Caution should be taken by people with allergic reactions!

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