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Fresh flowers always look beautiful, impressive and attractive. They delight us, cheer us up and provide wide scope for imagination for lovers of floristry. They have long been used to make bouquets, women used them as decoration, in addition, flowers are used to decorate rooms and estates.

In the past few years, many gardeners have become seriously interested in decorating the facade of the house with flowers, creating all kinds of compositions from these attractive, bright plants, turning their estate into a piece of paradise. Fortunately, there is a flower shop today even on the Internet, so choosing the right plants is not difficult.

Maybe someone will find this occupation time-consuming and painstaking, taking time and effort. Yes, indeed, the process of composing flower arrangements will require some effort, but believe me, it is so exciting that this work turns into a real pleasure. This is where you can roam your fantasies, come up with something unique, thereby making your home cozy, elegant, unique. Try yourself as a designer, decorate the walls of the house with fresh flowers, and then it will not look beautiful, but also optimistic, “lively”, and comfortable.

What compositions can be made? As already mentioned, in this case there is no limit to imagination and ideas.

So, for example, you can decorate window boxes or the walls themselves with flowering plants, using hanging flowers or climbing flowers.

An excellent option would be hanging pots with variegated plants planted in them.

Up to 4 types of flowers can be placed in one large pot.

To make the facade look stylish and extraordinary, the pots should be replaced with wicker baskets.

Bright multi-colored compositions look impressive even in wide boxes installed at the facades and in the adjoining territories.

Containers with flowers are also placed on balconies, terraces, window sills, even on the eaves, but for this they use well-developed, strong plants that can withstand gusts of wind.

If the owners plan to place flowers at the front door, columnar, tall and medium-sized varieties, such as gladioli, mallow, cornflower, buzulnik and others, will be the best option.

An excellent solution is the “garden” – plants (greens and flowers) in portable containers. To create a mini-garden, undersized perennial flowers are suitable, the height of which does not exceed 30 cm. These are pansies, phlox, periwinkle, gentian and others. To make the “mobile garden” look the most advantageous, it is recommended to use ceramic or wooden containers.

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