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Almost everyone has fresh flowers in their house or apartment, which, with their beauty, give us a good mood. All these requirements are met by cyclamen. This perennial plant blooms for a long time and with its bright flowers cannot but please and cause a smile.

Usually, a plant is bought already blooming in special stores, and then they simply provide care for cyclamen flowers . With the right content, they can produce many flowers annually for several decades.

However, some still prefer growing cyclamen from seeds . This is useful if you are growing flowers for sale or to furnish your own large house.

Otherwise, growing cyclamen from seeds is impractical and does not make sense. If you want to have this plant, it’s easier to buy a ready-made flower in a pot.

How to grow cyclamen from seeds

selection of suitable varieties
prepare the right soil
to ensure compliance with the agrotechnics of sowing and care of seedlings

How to grow cyclamen from seeds at home

So, how to grow cyclamen from seeds ? This will require several boxes with well-compacted peat, where the sowing takes place. Seeds are sprinkled with sand, peat and watered. The boxes are then covered with foil to create greenhouse conditions. The film will have to be used until the flowers are transplanted into the ground.

After a month of cyclamen, the seeds should hatch. Until the first leaf is formed, they should be watered every day, keeping the temperature below 20°C.

When the first leaf is fully formed, cyclamen tubers are planted in boxes and sprinkled with earth. After 3 months, cyclamen can be planted in the ground, while the tuber should protrude from the ground. After another couple of months, the flowers are planted in pots.

If you follow all these rules, then growing cyclamen from seeds is easy. You will immediately receive several pots of beautiful flowers to decorate the whole house.

A difficult task – how to care for cyclamen

For cyclamen, care is very important. They need a certain temperature and humidity level so that the plants can germinate and develop normally.

If you want a cyclamen flower to please you for more than one year, it needs to create the most comfortable conditions for growth and flowering. It is not difficult, but it will require some actions from you.

Therefore, you need to know well how to care for cyclamen . First of all, remember that it needs light, but keep the flower out of direct sunlight. If the pot is on the balcony, then it is better to hang a tulle so that the sun does not “burn” it.

In addition, you should constantly maintain the “correct” temperature. If you have been growing cyclamen seeds, then you know about it. The room temperature should not exceed 15-20°C.

If it is not possible to maintain such a temperature in the premises, the cyclamen flower should be sprinkled with settled water. At the same time, make sure that water gets only on the leaves.

Cyclamen and home care

Usually in the middle or late spring, cyclamen leaves turn yellow. This is a sign that the so-called “hibernation” period is coming.

Don’t be alarmed if the cyclamen tubers become naked. Remember, the roots of the flower do not die, but only cease their vital activity until the next cycle.

At this time, cyclamen care continues, but not as thorough. You need to water the flower much less often, from the pallet; the main thing is that the earth with the tuber does not dry out. Moreover, it is better to remove the pot for the time of rest in a darker place.

When leaves begin to appear (usually two to three months after “hibernation”), the flower is transplanted into a new land (peat, sand, humus). Then they put it back on the window, and continue to care for cyclamen at home.

Some More Cyclamen Tips

If you still decide to start growing cyclamen from seeds, then do not forget to find out the features of caring for such plants. It depends on your knowledge whether you can grow a flower or destroy it.

  • Before you start planting, find out how other amateurs and professionals grow cyclamen from seeds. This will help you avoid unnecessary transfers.
  • It is better to purchase cyclamen seeds from reliable sellers in specialized stores. There, if necessary, you will also be told about the features of caring for and growing a plant.
  • If cyclamen leaves turn yellow ahead of time, this means that the air is too warm, the sun is on the flower, or the plant does not have enough moisture. To prevent cyclamen from dying, immediately eliminate all “irritating factors”.

Grown cyclamen in the photo

So, in order to have cyclamen at home, you need to know the features of its planting and cultivation. If you want to make things easier, you can buy a plant from a flower shop, where cyclamens will be grown from seeds for you. Try to provide proper care for cyclamen, and then he will give you flowers that will decorate your house all winter.

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