Chlorophytum flowers

Chlorophytum flowers are a houseplant so familiar to us that sometimes we do not pay any attention to its presence in the interior. There are plenty of reasons to get one if you don’t already have one. The fact is that indoor chlorophytum is the record holder for labor productivity in cleaning the air around you. It is useful to keep it in the kitchen, where this flower absorbs any unpleasant odors.

Indoor plant chlorophytum and its photo

Indoor plant chlorophytum is another most popular and unpretentious representative of the flora, which can be found almost everywhere.

The genus unites more than 200 plant species distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. The most common and unpretentious species in room culture is crested chlorophytum.

We offer to see chlorophytum in the photo

Chlorophytum crested

Crested chlorophytum (Chlorophytum comosum) is a perennial herbaceous plant with tuberous thickened roots and long (up to 40 cm), narrow bright green leaves collected in a rosette.

There are forms with striped leaves:

var. variegata – with longitudinal white stripes of different thicknesses,

var. vittatum – with a wide white stripe in the middle

and var. mandainum – with yellow stripes. On long straight or arcuate-drooping peduncles, child leaf rosettes or small white flowers develop.

Room Chlorophytum Cape

Cape chlorophytum (Chlorophytum capense) – characterized by longer (up to 60 cm) and wide (up to 3 cm) linear green leaves. Unlike crested chlorophytum, this species does not form daughter rosettes.

Chlorophytum orchidastrum (Chlorophytum orchidastrum) looks more elegant, in particular its variety ‘Green Orange’, which has a bushy form, with wide green, slightly wavy leaves with orange veins and petioles. This indoor chlorophytum will elegantly decorate any interior.

Care for chlorophytum at home

Chlorophytum is so unpretentious that it grows in any conditions – in the shade and in the sun, in heat and cold (in winter it is advisable not to allow the temperature to drop below +12 ° C), in rooms with high humidity and dry air. Watering is necessary plentiful. The plant “reports” about an excess of moisture by the appearance of brown tips at the leaves. Provide adequate care for Chlorophytum at home.

Chlorophytum is one of the best plants for beginners or often absent flower growers, as it grows quickly, easily recovers after drying out, and simply multiplies. Top dressing is carried out in the warm season once a month. You can repot every year. It is better to use pots wide and shallow , since the root system is located superficially. Easily propagated by daughter outlets and division of the bush during transplantation.

Chlorophytum is indispensable for landscaping children’s rooms, because in addition to absolute safety, it also perfectly cleans the air.

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