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For a long time, the rose has been considered the queen of flowers, a symbol of beauty, love and passion. It was grown in ancient civilizations, Egypt, India, Rome and Greece, several thousand years before our era. This flower is so beautiful and graceful, its aroma is so sweet and unique that the rose has always been admired, considered it a gift from the gods.

Amazing bouquets of roses

The ancient Greeks and Romans decorated temples with flowers, used them in wedding ceremonies, their petals strewed the path of warriors who returned with victory. In ancient India, the rose was valued even more, the one who presented it to the king could ask for any gift in return. She not only decorated temples and religious ceremonies, but even paid taxes and taxes.

In the Middle Ages, the flower was considered a sign of purity and holiness, in Christianity it was associated with the image of the Virgin. And at the same time, it was widely used for bouquets, which expressed a wide range of feelings, from passion and love to tenderness and gratitude.

And today the rose remains just as beloved and revered. This is the world’s best-selling cut flower, according to statistics, eight out of ten women prefer it as a gift. Apparently, therefore, 97% of men choose as the first bouquet for their favorite rose. They are appropriate for any celebration, they can be given for birthdays and anniversaries, for St. Valentine’s Day and March 8, and just for no reason, when you want to express love and gratitude to your wife or mother, admiration and passion to a girlfriend or lover.

Bouquet of roses in the photo

Choosing from the widest range of bouquets of roses available for sale for a particular occasion, you can rely on your own taste, or you can use the language of flowers that has developed over the centuries, in which the color, number and even the degree of opening of the buds matter. So, it is traditionally customary to present yellow roses to friends and colleagues on their birthdays, symbolizing friendship and gratitude, as well as admiration and admiration.

A young girl is usually presented with white and pale pink unopened buds, representing tenderness, innocence, or the beginning of a romantic relationship. Pink flowers of all shades are considered a symbol of grace and elegance, they are appropriate as a gift for any woman, but red and burgundy flowers usually indicate passionate love and passion. Bouquets of white and red roses are traditionally presented at the engagement, symbolizing the unity of the souls of lovers.

Let us dwell separately on wedding bouquets, for which the use of roses is traditional, and in some countries it is exclusive and obligatory. They are usually made up of white flowers, a symbol of the purity and purity of the bride, or pink, meaning beginning love and tenderness. Such bouquets always go well with the bride’s attire, while those who prefer bolder solutions can choose roses in any other color scheme.

Bouquet of roses in the photo

It should be noted that roses look great both on their own and in combination with other flowers, but often oppress neighboring plants. They go well with lilies, not only aesthetically, but also have a biologically beneficial effect on each other. It would also be useful to know that the most persistent and durable are red roses, the most delicate and capricious are white ones. Cream roses are well preserved in the cut. And, finally, so that the bouquet does not wither during the day, it is best to buy it in a port bouquet. In this case, the flowers will constantly receive water from a special sponge hidden in the depths, remaining fresh and attractive for a long time.

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