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  • Type: angiosperms.
  • Class: dicot.
  • Squad: chastuhotsvetnye.
  • Family: Araceae.
  • Genus: calla / santedexia.
  • Origin: Originated in South Africa. Interestingly, this flower is scientifically neither a calla nor a lily, as it does not belong to the lily family at all.
  • Sun exposure: thrive in full sun. Partial shade is also recommended as it aids flowering.
  • Height: 45 – 100 cm high.
  • Soil: Needs moist, very well-drained and rich in minerals.
  • Leaves: Dark green in color and arrow shaped.
  • Flowering time: bloom in spring and all the middle of summer.
  • Care: Seeds should be at least 10 cm deep in the ground and about 3 m apart for good development. They need to be watered abundantly and do not forget about fertilizers when spring comes.
  • Propagation Methods: Can be propagated by seed, division in early spring and cuttings in summer.

Blue callas are the most magnificent flowers. They are calm, clear as the ocean and huge as the sky. Their exotic shape gives them a dazzling look, and now you are not able to take your eyes off them. They are used for weddings, funerals, parties and christenings. They are suitable for any holiday, as they express feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Types and varieties of blue callas in the photo

In general, there are about 30 types of blue callas. They can be found under the following cultivar names:

French blue calla (French Blue Calla Lily) .

Ice blue (Ice Blue Calla Lily) .

Wedgwood Blue (Wedgwood Blue Calla Lily) .

Teal Blue (Teal Blue Calla Lily) .

Blueberry blue (Blueberry Calla Lily) .

Sky blue (Sky Blue Calla Lily) .

Larkspur Blue (Larkspur Blue Calla Lily) .

Dark blue (Deep Blue Calla Lily) .

Merlin Blue (Blue Marlin Calla Lily) .

Flowers in the garden: growing blue callas

These flowers are quite unpretentious when grown. It should only be remembered that they are very fond of water and that you need to keep the soil moist at all times. Sow them in early spring, and then they will bloom in late May. Their bulbs spread over a fairly large area, so they should be spaced 12 cm apart and 10 cm deep.

Blue calla in the garden in the photo.

Keep cut flowers in a cool place, trim the bottom of the stem from time to time so they can get the amount of water they need. Keep them away from refrigerators, televisions or any heat-producing objects.

Also, keep them away from children and pets as they are extremely poisonous .

Meaning of colors

Blue callas are a symbol of the royal family, a symbol of serenity, peace and tranquility. They are very elegant even in small quantities. The flower is characteristic of the Romantic period. It is a symbol of love and desire.

Using varieties of blue callas

These varieties are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Because of their soothing color, they can easily be mixed with brighter colors such as yellow. In addition, having long thin stems, they look good in tall vases. Teamed with a white calla or orchid , they will certainly look stunning.

Also it will be a perfect choice for your wedding. Adding blue will give your wedding a chic touch. And if you still opt for these flowers, then you will have a fabulous wedding. Flowers will look great in round crystal vases placed around the room or tied to the belts of your guests.

Even blue callas are often used for funerals, because no other flowers could better express your understanding and respect.

Blue callas are exactly the flowers that will make your wedding stylish and chic! With their help, you will express your respect for the dead and beautifully decorate the church for the baptism of your child. These flowers are exactly what you need!

Bouquets of blue callas

Cascading bouquets, with blue flowers mixed with white callas and lots of greenery, are perfect for brides. They are very stylish and at the same time, very extravagant. Such bouquets look very elegant, and at the same time majestic in the hands of the bride.

Plain bouquets are best as they allow the blue callas to show off their natural beauty. Therefore, when arranging a bouquet of these flowers, add only silk ribbons to tie them and nothing else.

For round bouquets, pair white and purple tulips with blue calla lilies, add creamy and blue freesias for soft contrast, and black linonium for texture. Thus, you will create a spring mood for yourself. Tie everything with a simple silk ribbon.

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