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plant type: bulb

Description: leaves are arranged in flattened lobes with funnel-shaped or tubular flowers that grow at the base

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Growing environment: cultivation is only possible in greenhouse conditions
  • Leaf ornament: absent
  • Flowering: present
  • Aroma: present
  • Care: babiana requires careful care
  • Temperature range: 10-24°C
  • Humidity level: moderate
  • Light level: The best type of lighting is full sun, coming from the south/west/east.

Planting Depth: Bury the bulb to a depth that is twice the height of the bulb itself.

Soil Type: For best growth, you need good potting soil that absorbs water intensely, yet retains it. When buying soil for babiana, make sure it has adequate aeration and if it seems too dense to you, add sand, perlite or peat moss. If you are going to fertilize the soil, don’t do it right away, wait until the babiana takes root in the soil from the following components: ordinary soil from the garden, coarse sand or perlite, peat or humus and lime. There should always be a hole in the pot.

Large photo of a baboon with red flowers

Watering: Keep the soil evenly moist, and reduce the watering rate in winter and when the plant is dormant. In the case of using rainwater, you need to be careful, as it may contain harmful acids.

Fertilizer: not required.

Harmful insects: there are no obvious predispositions to any parasites. Always check a newly acquired plant for harmful insects before you bring it home or to the greenhouse.

Reproduction: occurs by division in the spring. After dividing, place the babiana in the soil of the usual composition.

Care tips and tricks: After flowering and foliage dieback, wait three to four months before transplanting or continuing to water. When watering, be careful, as an excessive amount of water adversely affects the babiana.

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