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Description: Amaryllis belladonna is a flower native to South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean islands. An exceptionally spectacular flower, symbolizing wonderful beauty and magnificence. It belongs to a monotypic genus (consisting of only one species). Refers to perennial plants , and is widely distributed in the plains of the tropics and subtropics. The hybrids are known as Hippeastrum.

  • Classification: Magnoliophyta (Magnoliophyta);
  • Class: Liliopsida (Lilliopsida);
  • Genus: asparagus (Asparagales);
  • Family: amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae);
  • Subspecies: belladonna (Belladonna);
  • Planting period: from October to the end of April;
  • Flowering period: from late December to late June;
  • Flowering time: 7-10 weeks.

Ornamental plants of this family are mistakenly referred to as lilies. The Amaryllis group differs from the Liliaceae family in the anatomical location of the ovary. Such types of amaryllis are considered biologically more developed than lilies.

Amaryllis flower pictured in FlowerBank Encyclopedia .

The plant has a vertical hollow stem 5-60 cm high and 1-3 cm in diameter, at the top of which are 2-5 large flowers 10-20 cm wide with fleecy, brightly colored tepals. Three outer sepals, three inner petals of the same appearance. On the trunks there are dots of dark red or another shade. The bulbs are 3-11 cm in diameter and produce 3-7 long-lasting leaves 10-60 cm long and 1-5 cm wide.

Growing: amaryllis belladonna outdoors

You can grow amaryllis in the garden only in those regions where there are no severe frosts in winter. Well-drained soil is a prerequisite for growing amaryllis. The seed layer should be 15-30 cm above the ground.

Preparing for landing

The landing period is from October to the end of April. The base and roots should be placed in lukewarm water for several hours. Remember, if you do not plant immediately after purchase, or store the bulbs in a cool (4°C -10°C) dark place, such as a food container in the refrigerator, for a period of at least six weeks.

Attention: Do not store with apples, this will lead to infertility.

Planting and transplanting amaryllis belladonna

Planting amaryllis in open ground is usually done in late September or early October, while one third or half of the bulb should be above the cultivated nutrient soil, plant at a distance of about 0.3 meters and lightly sprinkle it with earth. Water thoroughly after planting.

It is necessary to plant up to a sprout in a nutritious potting compost, being careful not to damage the roots. Press firmly into the soil to firmly anchor the bulb after planting. There are many pre-mixes available.

The plant begins to blossom usually in 7-10 weeks. In winter it lasts longer than in spring. The dormant period for amaryllis belladonna is December-March. With this in mind, arrange your planting schedule between October and April. For consistent flowering, plant at two week intervals.

Amaryllis: care in the garden

The soil should be mulched to retain moisture and to control weeds. Peat and perlite in equal proportions is an excellent mixture for fertilizer.

Continue to water and fertilize the plant as usual throughout the summer, or at least 5-6 months, to allow the leaves to fully develop and grow. When wilting begins, which usually happens in early autumn, you need to cut about 5 cm from the top of the bulb and remove it from the soil. Clean it up and store it.

Place the potted bulb in a warm spot in direct sunlight, as the stems need heat to develop. The ideal temperature is between 20°C and 21°C. Water sparingly until a stem appears, then as sprouts and leaves come out, gradually add water. From this point on, the trunk will grow rapidly and after it reaches full growth, flowers will develop. Remove wilted flowers to prevent seed development by cutting the stem just above the bulb.

Caring for amaryllis indoors

In addition to everything described above, to care for amaryllis belladonna, you need to place a flower pot on a window on the sunny side. Water your amaryllis belladonna regularly. Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer periodically.

Do not fertilize bulbs without leaves, as this can destroy them. Larger bulbs produce more flowers.

Amaryllis can be brought back to bloom. Cut the old flowers off the stem and when the trunk starts to sag, cut it off to the top of the bulb.

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