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What bouquet to give the bride?

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Traditionally, the bride is given a bouquet on her wedding day, but most people do not pay due attention to the choice of such a flower arrangement. It is much easier to come to the store a few hours before the appointed celebration and buy an existing bouquet. In fact, this is the wrong approach, which speaks of a careless attitude towards the holiday and the bride herself. According to florists, it is advisable to compose a wedding bouquet on your own or order its individual compilation from professionals. Find out which bouquet to give the bride so that the flower arrangement not only brings a smile to the girl’s face, but also, perhaps, brings her happiness in family life.

For many years, flowers have been of great importance, because each of the flowering plants symbolizes something.

When compiling a wedding bouquet, it is important to consider the importance of its components.

Most often, when drawing up a bouquet for the bride, roses are used, and this is not surprising, because these flowers are distinguished by luxury and nobility. A rose is a symbol of love and beauty, but you should not give a bulky bouquet, just take 5-7 flowers. It is advisable to give roses of delicate pastel colors for a wedding, as they symbolize the tenderness, purity and purity of a girl. It is advisable to order a wedding bouquet of roses a few days before the wedding celebration so that the florists can carefully think over the composition. It is better to refuse red roses and maroon or black ones in general, since the former are a symbol of sexuality and passion, while the latter are considered mourning.

Some girls prefer delicate wildflowers.

If you know that the bride loves cornflowers, chamomile, lungwort and other wild flowers more than roses, why not please her with such a trifle. A bouquet of wild flowers was traditionally given to brides in Russia, such a floral composition has not lost its relevance even today. Wildflowers are a symbol of romance, tenderness, love, harmony and happiness.

For a spring wedding, the bride can be presented with snowdrops or violets, this is a very unusual decision that will certainly cause positive emotions in the girl. Dahlias, peonies and chrysanthemums are ideal for a wedding celebration. A bouquet made up of these flowers looks luxurious and festive. Flowers symbolize fire, love and life, so they are great for active and cheerful newlyweds.

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