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Gone are the days when all summer residents sought to grow as many cucumbers and tomatoes as possible on their plots. When balconies served only as a warehouse for old and unnecessary things. Today, the aesthetic component takes precedence over the practical. And many amateur gardeners and housewives are trying to decorate their garden plots and apartment balconies with flowers. An excellent option are annual plants. They are usually unpretentious in care, delight with strong and long flowering, bright and lovely.

For balcony

For balcony plants in pots and flowerpots, the good old geranium, known to us from our grandmother’s window sills, is suitable. Usually, 3 types are used for flowerpots: zonal, royal and ivy-shaped. The first two stretch upwards and form beautiful umbrellas of flowers. Ivy is a curly species that braids everything in its path, is actively used in Europe to decorate open balconies. Another frequent guest in our homes, and in all flowerbeds, is petunia. It also happens to be bushy and ampelous or curly. From one flower, you can grow a bush up to 3 square meters, for this you need to constantly cut it, do not let the shoots stretch, and cut off the wilted flowers. Begonia, gerbera, small varieties of roses – all this and much more, with proper care, will bloom all summer, and if you provide a cold, but not frosty wintering, then it will remain alive and bloom next year.

For garden

To decorate open ground areas, they use the same flowers as for balconies, and many more. In this case, the range of choice is much wider. You can decorate your garden with flowers in flowerpots, they can be easily transferred from place to place, compose and rearrange compositions. Any container can be used as planting material: boxes, old deep dishes, baskets, etc. All this can be painted and arranged in an interesting and creative way. The essence is not in the pot, but in the beauty of the flower placed in it. Flower beds from combined different or one type of flowers look great. You should not chase the number of colors, it is better to let only one bright type of flower be modestly planted there, but it will look much prettier than a motley carpet of various colors. Also, when planting, you need to remember the height of the plant, they should all be well combined with each other. For open flower beds, pansies are great, cute, modest, but attractive flowers. Periwinkle, marigold, snapdragon, cornflower, Turkish carnation. Combinations of bright decorative flowers and decorative leafy plants look very stylish, but it is worth remembering that they must match each other in height and color.

Creating a beautiful flower bed, making your garden and balcony beautiful is absolutely not difficult, you need to make a little effort and patience.

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