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Landscaping is not just beautification of a personal plot or the creation of original garden compositions. This is a whole science, which includes detailed planning of the geometry of the territory, designing and creating unique compositions from small architectural forms and plant elements, taking into account textures, sizes and shapes, color content, lighting and a host of other parameters. That is why it is possible to entrust the creation of a project and its implementation to real professionals only.

A professional company brings together talented and painstaking specialists who are fluent not only in theory, but also in practical skills in creating unique landscape design objects.

By entrusting your garden or plot near the house to professionals, you get a full range of services for landscaping and subsequent care of the site. Careful planning, original compositions of seemingly incongruous objects, a unique vision of the picture years after its creation allow designers to invent unsurpassed masterpieces that observers admire for a long period.

The list of services provided by landscape design specialists includes the following:

  • preparation of all necessary documentation and its actual implementation;
  • creation of several variants of a preliminary design, taking into account the wishes of the customer, as well as the geometric and natural possibilities of the site; development of a plan for the improvement of the territory;
  • a preliminary estimate that allows you to roughly calculate the cost of materials and work, as well as plan their implementation.
  • cleaning and preparation of the territory;
  • taking measures to preserve large plants and small architectural forms already existing on it;
  • detailed breakdown of the site into zones;
  • paths (breakdown of a network of paths and paths, paving);
  • preparation of places for reservoirs and other structures, creation of relief;
  • laying of drainage systems, arrangement of water facilities, installation of sites;
  • lawns (sowing and spreading);
  • decorative ennoblement of the territory: placement of natural stone, creation of compositions from roots, decoration of reservoirs; planting and caring for plants, organizing flower beds.

Careful planning of work, high-quality implementation of all tasks, as well as subsequent long-term care of the territory – the key to the beauty and convenience of your site.

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