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Nature presents a variety of miracles, demonstrating the possibilities of its ingenuity. Watching films in which the wild jungle becomes the main characters, many of us paid attention to plants that feed on insects. Biologists call them predators. Simple flower growers want to know if it is possible to grow such exotic at home. Many people are interested in just watching them and feeding them. Of course, it is possible to grow predators on the windowsill, but special conditions will have to be created for them – high humidity and warm air. What kind of carnivorous plants are available? Let’s figure it out together.


Nepentis flower looks very beautiful. A lush green bush consists of several long leaves hanging like shreds, collected in one bunch. A mustache is formed at the end of each leaf.

A neoplasm gradually forms on it, which eventually turns into a dense water lily with a small upper lid. Inside the water lily, a digestive enzyme begins to be produced. Nectar oozes from the edges of the lid. Its scent attracts insects. They sit on the flower, get stuck in the nectar and roll into the water lily.

Growing Nepenthys is difficult. He needs a constant temperature (+20 degrees), high humidity (80%), constantly wet substrate and regular feeding. In urban conditions, it is better to water Nepentis with filtered water and grow it in a home greenhouse. Some 5 star hotels in Thailand put tropical predators in aquariums. You can also borrow this method. Note! Aquariums should be well lit, but the direct rays of the sun should not be directed at Nepentis.

Venus flytrap

Another “domestic predator” is the Venus flytrap. She catches insects with leaves that look like traps. They also have villi that exude sweet nectar. It is interesting to watch how the trap works.

Note! One leaf can be slammed only once. New leaves grow very quickly. But in an apartment, the plant quickly loses its insectivorous function. In nature, the Venus flytrap grows only on wet sands, which the coast of North America can boast of. But that’s not a problem. Going on vacation, choose hotels in Koh Samui with a private beach. On their territory, it is easy to find living greenhouses in which the Venus flytrap grows.

Such carnivorous plants can be grown on your windowsill.

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