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Tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, currant bushes and other useful things, of course, are good, but it is difficult to imagine a summer house without flower beds. In any country of the world, great attention is paid to the aesthetics of household plots. This is not done for anyone, but only for yourself. A riot of colors created by your own hands is a real joy. Any gardener will tell you this.

Styles in different countries

Each country has its own preferences for varieties of flowers and plants. Knowing some details, a small one abroad can easily get settled in your country house. Many people ask what Kaliningrad offers to tourists to see, what varieties of flowers are suitable for planting in our area. Let’s take a look at several options. Let’s start with the French garden.

In France, flowers are treated with great love. Houses are decorated with vases, there are many flower beds near the houses. The French garden is: carnations, lilies of the valley, dahlias, begonias, colorful asters, geraniums, lilies. From these types of plants you can plant beautiful flower beds. All these flowers are perfect for summer cottages in our strip, and many gardeners consistently plant them. You can start with early lilies of the valley, which will delight you with their aroma and tenderness of the image. By the way, in France on May 1st they celebrate Lily of the Valley Day, exchanging bouquets for happiness. Nice and sweet tradition.

You can add some Greek motives in the country with the help of roses. In this country, climbing bushes of bright colors are very fond of, as is the ibis kazan hotel too. Walking through the Greek streets, you can take pictures near the gates of each house, because all of them are really buried in climbing roses. Hibiscus, gentle morning glory are also representatives of the garden in Greek. It is worth stocking up with beautiful large pots, which with flowering plants can be placed near the house.

How not to remember the Italian gardens. In the Renaissance, they were the hallmark of gardeners, impressing with their scope and compositional thoughtfulness. Landscape design in all its splendor is the most accurate definition of a garden in Italian. The dacha, of course, is not the gardens of Europe, but the thematic planting of flowers will contribute to the formation of a new style: roses and again roses in different color variations, magnolias, rhododendrons. Many of the varieties of these plants are able to adapt well even to frost. With the help of magnolia, you can create a Japanese-style garden. As already mentioned, for this it is only worth choosing frost-resistant varieties.

Country fantasies in the aspect of thematic planting of plants is a very exciting undertaking. It should be noted that the surrounding of flower beds with plantings of lettuce, parsley, dill does not spoil the overall picture. Plant with pleasure and the flowers will thank you with their lush flowering and beauty.

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